Eyes form the lamp of the body,

Anybody is acknowledged as somebody,

Without eyes the world becomes dark,

Lamps are these in the night when dogs bark.Eyes can watch anything,Right and wrong nothing can go missing.

Blind people are considered burden

Treated as donkeys or beast of burden.

Eyes are miniatures of sun,

Brighten the world ,we feel the world is won.

love your eyes,

Donate them if possible

Enlighten the world with them,give the chance to god to bless them.

Importance of balanced diet

It is aptly said by Hippocrates, our food should be medicine and medicine should be our food.It implies instead of depending upon medicine one should depend upon balanced diet for growth and development of the body.

Now-a-days the younger generation mostly like junk food which is an attractive food for them.And it is true attractive food may not be healthy food for them.Its a fashion in the present world to sit on dhabas and restaurants where unhygienic conditions prevail,leading to many diseases for example obesity,high blood pressure and heart problems.

There are many food apps which lure the small children and abstain them from taking balanced diet.These products are mainly toxins in form of food.These products attract children but can destroy the immune system of children.Another problem is lots of money is wasted on junk food leading to many diseases.

The food at restaurants,canteens and dhabas should be checked.Its stuff should be monitored which is being sold to children,In this sort of mission of bringing awareness amongst parents and children home -made products should be sold and consumed The saying Eat healthy ,live healthy should be followed.

The ailing planet

Today it is the day we witness the deteriorating health of the Earth because of human beings growing lust to exploit all it’s natural resources. Man is considered to be the most dangerous animal in this world according to a zoo in luaska.

The extensive exploitation by human beings for the survival and development, the Earth has lost almost all it’s vital and important resources. Dying rivers and polluted environment, forests, greenery and mountains, the Earth is now breathing hard for it’s survival and thus it is called an ailing planet. The looting and plundering of the natural resources should be controlled.

Delhi is the main example of a polluted city. The state of the Earth is very bad now, we can act and should not pollute the environment. We should keep the surrounding clean and pollution of air and water should be controlled. It is in 2020, the Earth is now facing an epidemic coronavirus. It is dangerous for the survival of the human beings.

It is predicted that billion years from now, the Earth’s surface will cause green house effect, heating the surface to melt. It is by this time the life on Earth shall be extinct. So otherwise like caste-ism, untouchability and bonded labour should be abolished by laws causing anguish to the human. The growing threats to the environment should be controlled or man should be ready to face the consequences.


I seldom ask why the Earth is round,

Why the sky is above and surface is on the ground.

Why the moonlight lights up the world in the night,

Why the Earth is in morning shining and bright.

I ponder and find out the queries are childish,

But why hatred and enmity in mankind is found and man is selfish.

All men are same, but why the boundaries are drawn.

Now some are happy and maximum people seem withdrawn.

Oh God ! save the Earth,

Save the mankind .

Give me a gem,

So that I can change the world,

and take it away from any blame,

Above all no man can plan any game.

A satire on women’s life in Indian society

There was once a time when women was considered to be a Devi or goddess in the house.

The house was regarded as the heavenly abode where all rites were performed according to her. With the passage of time her plight deteriorated. She was given a place in the fields of education, politics, defense, air and entertainment.

But it is the height of selfishness for men,who fully appreciate in their own case the great advantage of a good education, to deny these advantages to women.Today we can witnesses that crime against women has really increased.Women is harassed, robbed, threatened , abducted and murdered. There is no end to her sad story.

History is evident that sati system, dowry system have ended but misery of women has not ended. It is perpetual. According to higher conception of women’s sphere, women ought to be something more than a household drudge. There is a vast difference between what is said and what is being done.This gap is satirical as women seems to be merely a puppet in the hands of family,politics,and economy of the nation.

Today the role of women is vast. As a mother her highest duty is the education of her children.It is needless to say that first foundation of education cannot be laid by an ignorant mother. On these grounds female education is a vital necessity .

Her role is vast and should be maintained, her place in the world should be restored to her as according to what is written in books and what is said.

Trees-a gift from nature

Trees – a resource of environment and nature.

A gift of Earth’s present and future.

Considered as next to god,

Now-a-days killed by knife and sword.

Loved by animals and children for their games,

Life of trees has been turned into fumes and flames.

There was a time when trees were loved and worshiped for it’s sanctity,

In today’s world ,on contrast ,trees have lost their


In the Corona age, Trees have become precious,

Benefits of trees are various.

Shade, shelter, timber and fruits, are truly

the endowments of trees,

Truly, man has released,

the uses of forests and trees.

Afforestation has become mandatory,

Release of oxygen is normal and ordinary.

Love trees, as they cry when cut by sword,

Respect trees, grow trees and worship

Trees without any word.

Modern education system in India-amendments

The Indian education system has become a matter of concern now. The topmost reason for it’s being laggard is its the outdated education system. Until now the problem faced by it was structure and syllabus, Rat race, competition, reservation system, peer pressure, and over-commercialization. For Example, there is a huge difference between the levels of 10th and 11th standard (maths).

After the decision of demonetization, new education policy has been launched which is incredible in 2020. looking at the unnecessary burden on school children 10+2board structure has been dropped, with the introduction of new school structure 5+3 +3+4.

Up to 5 preschools, 6 to 8 mid-school, 8to 11 high school,12 onwards, in graduation, the degrees shall be for 4 years. Vocationalization after the 6th class is available. Major subjects will be there along with minor subjects also. The best part is one authority shall govern the whole system. UGC AICTE will be merged. Government, private, open, Deemed, vocational shall have the same grading considering the condition of students in which one has acquired that degree. The same rating shall be done. New teacher training shall be set up. New basic learning program shall be launched Multiple entries and exit shall be permitted to any course. Credit shall be given according to the number of years that have been passed out. School exams will be semester wise twice a year. The core syllabus shall be there.

More focus shall be on practical knowledge rather than theory.Diploma certificate shall be for two years and degree for full course shall be given.Single authority shall govern all the courses.

Now we can hope our education system will be bright and shall be at par with modern countries.Thus we can take modern education system as the combination of technological developments and conservatives of old and traditional education institutions.This shall be witnessed with old buildings with old buildings with long history and see computers and systems that cordinate and direct education.

The education system of India – a satire

Books – the treasure house of knowledge,

With another name of wealth.

Brought fame, wisdom and health.

Books -are indeed a friend,

Read them before world comes to end.

In India , the Vedas form the pillars of education system,

In 90s witnessed growth and boom.

Astonishingly, pollution was evident in it’s system too.

Books were sold it was heard, but degrees were sold too.

For money, question papers leaked,

Everything went fragile and weak.

Undeserved, reluctant got the hold,

Lived the life as if beautiful and bold.

The whole scene is satirical,

For rich the world was a miracle.

I ask when condition will change?

For poor everything seems out of range.

The system has to be fair,

For everyone, it should be easy to bear.

You can’t ask fish to climb,

That’s I think it’s important to be realized.

The glamour of Bollywood

Beauty, glamour, splendour is the voice of the Bollywood,

Something similar and alike as in Hollywood.

So many heroes land up everyday in this exotic world,

Providing a wonderful panorama to this globe.

Money and fame is the dream of every hero,

But tragically, oftenly they rise and occasionally become zero.

Who doesn’t admire Sharukh Khan,

Salman Khan and Aishwarya rai?

Bollywood has every chance to say good bye.

The glamour of Bollywood is just like mirage,

Fame comes to those that is only in Vogue.

So love the Entertainment world,

Expect nothing,

Better you admire the globe,

and don’t utter a word and say nothing .

Performance in it is gambling,

You never know when one goes off tumbling.

Old age- a blessing not a curse

In our society where elderly people were once respected and regarded as great people at one time,their safety has become a matter of concern now. The life of elderly is at stake, as they are looted and murdered. They are thrown out of home by those who are supposed to look after their needs and welfare. Old age is a curse in certain societies of the world.

It is rightly said by Aparna verma-love and respect old age people because you are aging too. Reverence given to old people has a new meaning differing from country to country. Elderly people should be educated about the new laws on their rights.

In a country like India senior citizens have special rights. To some extent old age is a blessing where youngsters depend upon their demands on elderly people. Some youngsters take permission from them to perform any task.

Government has enacted a few laws to ensure the safety of the elderly. Monitoring of their condition is done everywhere. Cases of Ill -treatment towards them should be brought to the notice of the authorities. Crimes against them should be dealt severely.

According to latest reports during Corona age,senior citizens are protected the most by the government laws. So it is true, everyone is getting old. Keeping this in mind one should respect the great people or elderly people as they are like trees who provide shelter to us and work selflessly.

Reality of life

Can any one answer what the reality of this world is?

What is the nucleus of this universe?

What is the blessing and the curse?

The world is moving and moving.

Day comes and night ends

But no one knows what is the beginning and the end.

We find

Earning and spending,

Working and resting,

Happiness and sorrow

Morality and horror,

Birth and death,

Activity and rest,

But what is the reality of the universe?

I again ask what is the truth.

The truth is love, compassion and sympathy,

Which is conveyed through my verse.

Its around this the world revolves

Once this dies,,there shall be no activity and the

World will be place of sorrow.

Thus, my friends, it’s love for friends, parents and duty towards God,

Sustaining the world,

Give and take is the message of god.

Corona age-a new age

There was a time when man witnessed a healthy and religious life with every disease which was curable. Fitness and health were the main concern and good health was the main goal of every youngster. But now everything has changed, fever, dry cough, tiredness and other associated problems have arisen in the news age known as Corona age.

A new kind of virus has been evident and observed in the air as well as human bodies.It causes an infection in our nose and respiratory system. After outbreak in China world health organization identified SARS-COV-2 as a new type of corona virus. Unfortunately it spreads mainly through person-to-person contact. Masks, sanitizer and social-distancing have become the feature of this age.Without this one’s survival has become tough and almost impossible. SARS-COV-2 is one of the seven types of corona virus including several diseases like Middle East respiratory system (MERS) and sudden acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Corona age has no boundaries and it’s lasting time is unpredictable. Isolation is one of the main characteristic of this age. A fear of getting Ill severely,can also prove to be fatal. Corona age is characterized with social distancing, apprehensions, assumptions, fears etc.

Reference : https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=22789

People with high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes appear to be vulnerable. No vaccine or medicine has been developed up til now. Average time of mild cases is approximately 2 weeks and 3- 6weeks for patients with critical disease. Hope for ending of this age is still persistent. A Ray of Hope is perceived clearly from the doors of God. Cori nil, remedies medicines etc. are expected to be much more promising in this age known as Corona age.