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The ailing planet

Today it is the day we witness the deteriorating health of the Earth because of human beings growing lust to exploit all it’s natural resources. Man is considered to be the most dangerous animal in this world according to a zoo in luaska.

The extensive exploitation by human beings for the survival and development, the Earth has lost almost all it’s vital and important resources. Dying rivers and polluted environment, forests, greenery and mountains, the Earth is now breathing hard for it’s survival and thus it is called an ailing planet. The looting and plundering of the natural resources should be controlled.

Delhi is the main example of a polluted city. The state of the Earth is very bad now, we can act and should not pollute the environment. We should keep the surrounding clean and pollution of air and water should be controlled. It is in 2020, the Earth is now facing an epidemic coronavirus. It is dangerous for the survival of the human beings.

It is predicted that billion years from now, the Earth’s surface will cause green house effect, heating the surface to melt. It is by this time the life on Earth shall be extinct. So otherwise like caste-ism, untouchability and bonded labour should be abolished by laws causing anguish to the human. The growing threats to the environment should be controlled or man should be ready to face the consequences.