Eyes form the lamp of the body, Anybody is acknowledged as somebody, Without eyes the world becomes dark, Lamps are these in the night when dogs bark.Eyes can watch anything,Right and wrong nothing can go missing. Blind people are considered burden Treated as donkeys or beast of burden. Eyes are miniatures of sun, Brighten the world ,we feel the world is won. love your eyes, … Continue reading Eyes


I seldom ask why the Earth is round, Why the sky is above and surface is on the ground. Why the moonlight lights up the world in the night, Why the Earth is in morning shining and bright. I ponder and find out the queries are childish, But why hatred and enmity in mankind is found and man is selfish. All men are same, but … Continue reading Why?

Trees-a gift from nature

Trees – a resource of environment and nature. A gift of Earth’s present and future. Considered as next to god, Now-a-days killed by knife and sword. Loved by animals and children for their games, Life of trees has been turned into fumes and flames. There was a time when trees were loved and worshiped for it’s sanctity, In today’s world ,on contrast ,trees have lost … Continue reading Trees-a gift from nature

The education system of India – a satire

Books – the treasure house of knowledge, With another name of wealth. Brought fame, wisdom and health. Books -are indeed a friend, Read them before world comes to end. In India , the Vedas form the pillars of education system, In 90s witnessed growth and boom. Astonishingly, pollution was evident in it’s system too. Books were sold it was heard, but degrees were sold too. … Continue reading The education system of India – a satire

The glamour of Bollywood

Beauty, glamour, splendour is the voice of the Bollywood, Something similar and alike as in Hollywood. So many heroes land up everyday in this exotic world, Providing a wonderful panorama to this globe. Money and fame is the dream of every hero, But tragically, oftenly they rise and occasionally become zero. Who doesn’t admire Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aishwarya rai? Bollywood has every chance … Continue reading The glamour of Bollywood

Reality of life

Can any one answer what the reality of this world is? What is the nucleus of this universe? What is the blessing and the curse? The world is moving and moving. Day comes and night ends But no one knows what is the beginning and the end. We find Earning and spending, Working and resting, Happiness and sorrow Morality and horror, Birth and death, Activity … Continue reading Reality of life

The advent of new era

Alone in the world is the feature of the new world, Isolation has emerged as the norm of this round globe. Once it was the time when fraternity, cooperation was prevalent. But now it is all moved, passed or went. Festivity, joy and ecstasy was found everywhere. Depression, social-distancing has become the system of the year. Song of happiness and togetherness was heard on every … Continue reading The advent of new era