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Old age- a blessing not a curse

In our society where elderly people were once respected and regarded as great people at one time,their safety has become a matter of concern now. The life of elderly is at stake, as they are looted and murdered. They are thrown out of home by those who are supposed to look after their needs and welfare. Old age is a curse in certain societies of the world.

It is rightly said by Aparna verma-love and respect old age people because you are aging too. Reverence given to old people has a new meaning differing from country to country. Elderly people should be educated about the new laws on their rights.

In a country like India senior citizens have special rights. To some extent old age is a blessing where youngsters depend upon their demands on elderly people. Some youngsters take permission from them to perform any task.

Government has enacted a few laws to ensure the safety of the elderly. Monitoring of their condition is done everywhere. Cases of Ill -treatment towards them should be brought to the notice of the authorities. Crimes against them should be dealt severely.

According to latest reports during Corona age,senior citizens are protected the most by the government laws. So it is true, everyone is getting old. Keeping this in mind one should respect the great people or elderly people as they are like trees who provide shelter to us and work selflessly.