English Entertainment News Poem

The glamour of Bollywood

Beauty, glamour, splendour is the voice of the Bollywood,

Something similar and alike as in Hollywood.

So many heroes land up everyday in this exotic world,

Providing a wonderful panorama to this globe.

Money and fame is the dream of every hero,

But tragically, oftenly they rise and occasionally become zero.

Who doesn’t admire Sharukh Khan,

Salman Khan and Aishwarya rai?

Bollywood has every chance to say good bye.

The glamour of Bollywood is just like mirage,

Fame comes to those that is only in Vogue.

So love the Entertainment world,

Expect nothing,

Better you admire the globe,

and don’t utter a word and say nothing .

Performance in it is gambling,

You never know when one goes off tumbling.