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Who we are?

We are a social platform (like Facebook and Twitter) with an eCommerce solution. Paazy Business Club is a platform for discussion, getting expert advice, selling your stuff, starting a second income, and raising funds for a noble cause (for NGOs). Join our professional group to fulfil your dreams. common group for everyone 😊 to get updates on trending topics worldwide. We have been approved as a marketing channel partner by top brands. World-top brands and eCommerce sites have approved us as their Marketing Channel Partner. So, in other words, you are going to join the world’s biggest business with unlimited products and services. Our main categories are Apparel, Electronics, Grocery, Appliances, Shoes, Food, Stores, and Supplements. In more than 150 countries, you can shop and save with us.

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We are glad to inform you that we are giving away FREE points for activities.  Every month there will be a new task. It can be for sign up, reading, testimonials, referring sign up, shopping, and many more. Just complete the task in the time frame and get paid. Every month there will be a contest. The winner will be paid with rewarding points. There are many ways to generate these points. We have listed below, to maximise your income.

  • Login
  • Daily Visit
  • Reading
  • Publishing content
  • Shopping points
  • Product review
  • Referring Signup
  • Referring Visitors
  • Referral Shopping

For your activities, we shall be giving you a bonus. The bonus helps you generate the additional income. On every purchase, you are entitled to get cashback points. But here you can get a bonus. And 1000 points is equal to ten rupees. To avail the bonus, create your profile and become a shopping consultant. And you’ll receive a 50% cashback for highlighting my profile advertisement. Shop, Refer, and Earn will help you to generate passive income. So grab more points to generate bonuses.

Steps of Success

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Know more about our trade partners products and services through training and seminars.

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In India, you can place an order at our powerful message center and start getting Cashback. Cash on delivery available.

Monthly Rewards Points ↗

Complete the task within a month and get rewarded with additional points. 

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Every month we shall be announcing tasks. Just complete the tasks and get paid with points. And you can exchange these points for a real bonus.

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Complete the task every month and get the bonus on your referral shopping. Your bonus income includes the Shopping Paazy Shop and trade partners’ eCommerce websites and their shops.

Press Release

There are major benefits to starting your press release for your business. A complete pack of tools like uploading videos, presentations, galleries, images, creating tables, lead generation forms, payment buttons, and many more that help you boost your sales and help you with search engine optimization (SEO). Recommend our trade partners’ products and services in 150 countries. Get an Expert badge in our Facebook official group. We have listed a few benefits of press releases.

Start with a press release package and become a shopping consultant. Bonus, monthly rewards to generate additional cash. You can check your points on your dashboard and profile page. Let’s start your passive income.

Once purchased, update your profile with photos and, automatically, you join our affiliate program. Start referring people to your link in your dashboard. Every time your referral shops here or on our trade partners’ websites, you are ready to get paid.

Invite Shopping Lovers : Once you have created your profile, start inviting your friends to register and become friends. Start recommending products and services through Public Chat and Private Chat. Just copy and paste the Website URL to promote the products and services. 

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Show your existence : Once purchased, now it’s time to join and like our Facebook official group, Patiala Club. Here you can get our updates and start posting comments and share the messages.

Creating a Marketplace : Invite your friends to join this group. You can also chat about all your inquiries and solve them. Be active in our official groups, Patiala Club and Paazy Business Club. Start posting in this group and don’t forget to update your activity section at Paazy Business Group daily. In your Paazy Business profile (activity), you can write about how you have started your communication with your friends and their questions. Update your daily task and discuss your daily target. so that we can assist you in a better way. Write something related to our services and trade partners’ products. You can use this platform to review, offer, and discount coupons for your favorite trade partners’ products and services. So whenever you shop, share your experience with the products and services.

Get Paid : You will be paid the following calendar month whenever your friends shop with us. You will generate a quarterly income by purchasing from our trade partner. We are coming up with a daily income. For this, connect with our shopping consultant. 

To serve you better.

WhatsApp : You can ask questions on WhatsApp. To start a chat or get a call, you need to start a conversation on WhatsApp and fix the appointment.

Moreover, after registration, you can become friends and start a public or private chat with @paazy or @rishi.

Human body and threats

An explainer video to understand the human body and threats. It gives you a brief knowledge of how the body reacts when threatened by an attack. Moreover, you will understand the new science of transfer factor. How molecules detect potential threats and aid our bodies in recognizing, responding to, and remembering. In simple terms, it teaches, enhances, and balances the immune systemboosts natural killer cell activity. In short, you can raise your immune I.Q and live a healthy life.

My Nutrition Shop

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