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Who we are?

We are a social platform (like Facebook and Twitter) with an eCommerce solution. Paazy Business Club is a platform for discussion, getting expert advice, and raising funds for a noble cause (for NGOs). It’s a platform for Paazy Shop advertisers and affiliates to work together. Join our professional group to fulfil your dreams. common group for everyone to get updates on trending topics worldwide.

What’s make us difference

We are an approved marketing channel partner of a world-class brand. The brands are from India, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore. So, shop and save with us.

So, in other words, you are going to join the world’s biggest business with unlimited products and services. Our main categories are Apparel, Electronics, Grocery, Appliances, Shoes, Food, Stores, and Supplements. In more than 100 countries, you can shop and save with us.

For more information, reach us or speak to our leader.

How it Works

Paazy Business Club is a platform where Advertisers and Affiliates work together, promote their product and services. If you are looking for advertising or affiliate program, do register at Paazy Shop.


  • Profile: Create your professional or individual profile.
  • Activity: Promote your business offer and deals in your activity section with text advertisement. Your all activity will be displayed at our activity section or notice board. Where our users can avail your services.
  • Clients or Friends: Add clients or friends.
  • Support: Start supporting system to solve your clients or friend’s enquiry with our powerful messaging system. Just write @username and message with public and private chat.

May I Help You

In addition to this we can assist you in shopping, Travel Deals, Education, Financial and digital marketing.

Paazy Local Search Engine: Helping local businesses to find each other with geolocation system and updating them with your latest offer. Register free here.

Paazy Shop: Promote your business with advertisements, Cashback, Sales Booster, Selling your stuff and much more. Register and start promoting here.

Paazy Travel Search Engine: With one click, you can search top travel sites. Search, compare, and save on flights and hotels. Click here to check.

Paazy Job Search Engine: Are you looking for a job? Search and apply for jobs in your favorite city. Click here to search.

Find cheap domains: helping businesses register and get business domains There are many marketing proposals to generate web traffic. Click here to book domains.

Hosting: Create your website instantly and get unlimited web hosting with unlimited bandwidth. Click here to create your website here.

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If we understood what people wanted, everything would be resolved. Making money from those things alone would be sufficient.

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Benefit no other business have. Many services you can offer.


  • Helping Leader’s shop and save in India, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, with shipping available in over 100 countries.
  • So, you work without parameters. With the internet, you can work without boundaries.
  • You will have unlimited products and services to recommend. 
  • No huge cost, just like traditional business needs. 
  • The product rates are reasonable here. As you know, multi-level marketing has high rates on products.
  • Working in Comfort Time
  • It’s easy to promote with the copy and paste method.
  • passive income opportunity.
  • On many services, you can withdraw a minimum of $1 instantly


  • Start conducting seminars and get paid.
  • Recommend daily needs products through our powerful message center.
  • With Paazy Shop, you can promote local businesses and help them to find new clients and customers.
  • Helping businesses to start Cashback program.
  • You can assist them with branding, sales, and lead generation.
  • Create a website for a small business owner.
  • Find low-cost flights and hotels.
  • Help your clients to shop and save in more than 100 countries.
  • More than 100,000 courses to recommend.
  • Financial services like life insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance, loans, travel insurance, bank FDs, account opening, DMAT account, advisory services and many more.
  • Help your country to reduce unemployment


Do not have a job or are looking for a second source of income. There is no obligation, starting your passive income is completely FREE with Paazy Shop affiliate program.

  • group of people in a conference room clapping
  • cheerful young woman screaming into megaphone
  • man standing in front of people
  • multiethnic students listening lecturer in university

After registration, login with us. Start your passive income today. In addition, find your customers or clients for your existing business. If you complete the task below, we will set up a free training program for you. 

Get paid to promote your existing business, if you have one. You can also promote our services and get paid.

Let’s Start….

Steps to start: Create your profile and read the content on the homepage page here. 

Complete three steps and know the secret of success. 

  1. Listen to a song or select any service from Amazon. 
  2. Open your bank account with PAN and Aadhaar. 
  3. Feedback form Details about the services you have availed. 
  4. After submitting, know the secret of success and start with us as an advertiser (find clients for your business) or affiliate (promote our services).

Register to FREE Trail or Click the country to Shop and Save

IN INDIA, worry about monthly maintenance charges or getting a high rate of interest on your fixed deposit.

Within two minutes, you can open your saving account. Note: Need PAN and Aadhaar card number to open your bank account. Grow your money with high rate of interest on your saving account.

Saving Interest

Per Annum rate of Interest

  • 0-100000=3.5%
  • 100000-500000=5.5%
  • 500000-50000000=7%

Fixed Deposit

Per Annum rate of Interest

  • 7-14days = 3.50%
  • 15-29days=3.50%
  • 30-45days=3.50%
  • 46-62 days=4.00%
  • 63-90days=4.25%
  • 91-120days=4.75%
  • 121-180days=4.75%
  • 181-210days=5.75%
  • 211-270days=5.75%
  • 271-364days=6.00%
  • 1year-18months=7.10%
  • 18months-2years=6.95%
  • 2years 1 day 887 days=7.40%
  • 888 days=7.50%
  • 889 days to 3 years=7.40%
  • 3 years 1 day to 4years=6.75%
  • All above = 6.75%

Last Step :FeedBack Form


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