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Connecting to the People

Register and become prestigious member of Paazy Business Club. Read more, What you can do? Take your first step toward Passive Income.

You can have professional profile in our Paazy Business Club, Activity section and message center. Post offer and deals as text ads in Activity section. Use our message center to solve clients and your inquires.

1. Activity Section as Timeline or Notice Board

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Activity Stream which records all sorts of activities. Your posts, new friendships, and comments are among the most popular activities recorded. There are tabs to chooses like PersonalMentions ( Shows a list of all @mentions for you), Favorites (Shows a list of all items you clicked as “Favorite”), Friends (Shows Activity Streams of your friends), Groups (Shows the Activity Streams of the groups you’ve joined) with Select box. Once login, reach to activity section and update your status through text. Moreover you can write, business updates. To check your profile activity reach to community section of Menu. Click here to reach My Notice Board

2. Start Conversation or solve all business inquiries. 

start a conversation through our powerful tool, Message Center.
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Become friend, by requesting Add Friend. Once your requesting accepted, you need the username of friend @username and start the conversation. You can also post with @mention. Login and become friends. Don’t forget to add friend with @paazy and @rishi to solve your inquires. Check your Notification daily for quick response. Access our Community pages, related to your social profile at Menu section.

3. Register your business Free at Paazy Local Search Engine

Grow Locally, Connect Globally

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Register your business free to promote Locally. Add Places, where you can write full Description, Location, Contact details with social media links. Boost your sales and ranking at other Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, many more.

4. Become Affiliate and take your second step toward Passive Income

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Register first and become Affiliate to promote the pages of Paazy Business Club and Paazy Local Search Engine. And get 10% as referral Income. Click the link below to register and refer it. First Register and access the pages. Here you can create your referral URL of any page. Moreover you can check your impression, clicks and earning anytime.

Below is the list of important pages of Paazy Business Club Affiliate program. Before your access Register and login first.

For Paazy Local Search Engine Click here.

5. Start advertising and get Cashback Points.

Third step toward Passive Income.
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Start advertising to increase your footfall at business location and get more traffic to your business pages. Select the package and get More tags, Multiple Categories, Power to have unlimited Press Release & Loyalty Program to retain your clients. Click here to get more information.

6. Complete the task and Get Paid. Fourth Step toward Passive Income.

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Be in touch to know the task, to complete and get paid. Fourth step toward Passive Income.

7. Recommend World top brands and companies in 150 countries.

Just Copy & Paste the URL through Message Center.

Know the brand or company webpage of our trade partners and recommend your friends through our Message Center. Just copy & paste the URL. Already we have been approved as Marketing Channel Partner of World top brands and companies. Start getting Share of Profit of Worldwide sale of our Trade Partners. Here is the list of few trade partner select the official site…

We have created the list of Indian Trade Partners. Click here to know it. For Indian financial trade partners click here.

8. Generate 3000 Points and start your Passive Income.

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Once you have generated the 3000 points in Paazy Local Search Engine, Message us to convert Tokens. And start getting 5% Share to Profit of Worldwide sale. To understand the concept you need to read carefully two pages. Moreover you can also take the help of our Consultant or Affiliates.

Avail our services and get cashback points.
  1. Advertising to promote your business.
  2. Create your website
  3. Shop offline and get cashback points

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Introducing Paazy Local Search Engine

Paazy Local Search Engine is designed to boost your sale locally. Here you can register your business Free. Moreover our users can connect through email, phone and reach to your premises through our Maps.

Would you like to show your visitors how to reach your company premises? That’s very easy. You just need to update your profile at Paazy Local Search Engine and update with Marker or write full address and publish to the world. So it is easy for your visitors to find their way to your company’s office or your shop.

Update your offer daily or monthly and start your Loyalty Program through Advertising.

Banking Beyond Boundaries

We have been approved as a Business Facilitator of a Leading Bank in India. A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned. Avail our services for all your financial needs. Check our financial page to avail different services here or Call +91-727-879-5000

  • Did your Current Account pays you Interest on your balance?
  • Does your Saving account pays you 7% interest?
  • Need any loan like Loan against property, CC Limit and OD?
  • Open NRI Saving Account online with us.

Introducing Saksham Program, connecting the people to create ability.

A training program to create ability and become Saksham

Saksham is Hindi word, it explains the ability of a person, show capability. A person who has the capacity to do the work or complete task.

The Paazy Saksham Centers are planned and facilitated by members of the renowned part change to support center mission best practices that success crusades and create solid coordinators. The Getting sorted out Organization works with have associations to refine goals, plan the plan and lead help.

Every facility is worked around an agreement “local area practice” that mirrors the topic for the center. Centers are intended for experienced coordinators who lead groups and need to take on more prominent parts in the mission.

Saksham training also helps to reduce unemployment and start working without boundaries. Anybody can start working from home and recommend our trade partners business in Shopping, Education, Travel, Financial and Web development through message center.

Become Saksham by taking course through our Consultant and Join the Paazy Business Club, which has unlimited products and services. Become prestigious member of our community to promote anything and anywhere. Just explore our trade partners website to recommend products or services with copy & paste method in your activity and our powerful message center. Select the product or services and recommend in 150 countries. We have been approved as marketing channel partner of World top brands and companies.

Steps of Success

  1. Create Profile and Update with all necessary fields. Don’t forget to update your Photo and background cover image too.
  2. Shop and Save on your daily needs products.
  3. Write your experience of shopping or Update your Activity with offer & deals of your favorite business.
  4. Create leads from all social messaging apps and manage them with our CRM. We execute inventive deals apparatuses for your business. Scale your business with our straight forward assistance. Messenger based Sales CRM. For more information click here.
  5. Add Friends/clients to start communication.
  6. Upgrade to Saksham and Bronze Associate
  7. Inspiring your friends/clients to shop and save by sharing the product and services of our trade partners with copy & paste method through powerful message center.

Shop and Save : It’s easy just become Bronze Associate and get share of profit Worldwide sale of our trade partners.

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For Business

Paazy Local Search Engine helps local businesses to find new customers and boost their sales.

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An opportunity

Start your home base work. Become Bronze Associate to get Share of Profit Worldwide Sale.

Important Pages

Know : To understand the concept you need to read carefully two pages. Moreover you can also take the help of our Consultant.
Catalogue : A page where you can shop and save directly with us.
Trade Partners : Who has approved us as their marketing channel partner. To shop and save on your daily need products.
Education : The world’s largest selection of courses. Choose from 100,000 online video courses with new additions published every month. Enjoy a variety of fresh topics. Just select, your favorite subject and start studying.
Paazy Travel : One search and compare the top travel sites. Save on your flight and Hotels. You can also, explore our travel trade partners here.
Financial : All your financial need are fulfilled here. Just select the services like Personal Loan, Credit Card, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and travel Insurance. Moreover you can buy Furniture and Jewelry on easy installments. Pay your installment on time and get pre approved credit limit.
Articles : Our updates helps you know, what’s going on?
Activity : Check the latest updates of our trade partner’s and Paazy Business Club.
Local : Let’s help you in SEO. Just Register your business free and create your back link.

To promote your existing business or start up, GET MOST POWERFUL TOOLS FOR YOUR BUSINESS

CRM counseling for little and medium organizations. We execute inventive deals apparatuses for your business. Scale your business with our straightforward assistance.

A Client Relationship, the executives stage gives you every one of the instruments expected to make enduring associations with your clients. You will presently don’t have to depend on your memory, put tacky notes up, or make unlimited bookkeeping pages. All things being equal, everything is followed methodically so that you’re accomplishing less manual work and can zero in additional on selling. It allows you to enhance your deals and showcasing measures, save time, and build up successful correspondence with your latent capacity and current clients.

Here you can create your social account to start a new venture or promote your existing business, which pays you every time. First social media account which helps you to save on your shopping and start your passive income. Share, discuss, review, and collaborate across time zones, without interruptions. Register with us and boost your income with more leads and sales. Update your offers, deals and discount coupons at your Activity section. Activity section, just work like timeline of Facebook, but here your post reaches publicly. In Facebook it reaches to your friends only. Here you can post unlimited text advertisement for branding or updates of your business. Click the button for more information about Business Tools.

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