Reality of life

Can any one answer what the reality of this world is?

What is the nucleus of this universe?

What is the blessing and the curse?

The world is moving and moving.

Day comes and night ends

But no one knows what is the beginning and the end.

We find

Earning and spending,

Working and resting,

Happiness and sorrow

Morality and horror,

Birth and death,

Activity and rest,

But what is the reality of the universe?

I again ask what is the truth.

The truth is love, compassion and sympathy,

Which is conveyed through my verse.

Its around this the world revolves

Once this dies,,there shall be no activity and the

World will be place of sorrow.

Thus, my friends, it’s love for friends, parents and duty towards God,

Sustaining the world,

Give and take is the message of god.