A satire on women’s life in Indian society

There was once a time when women was considered to be a Devi or goddess in the house.

The house was regarded as the heavenly abode where all rites were performed according to her. With the passage of time her plight deteriorated. She was given a place in the fields of education, politics, defense, air and entertainment.

But it is the height of selfishness for men,who fully appreciate in their own case the great advantage of a good education, to deny these advantages to women.Today we can witnesses that crime against women has really increased.Women is harassed, robbed, threatened , abducted and murdered. There is no end to her sad story.

History is evident that sati system, dowry system have ended but misery of women has not ended. It is perpetual. According to higher conception of women’s sphere, women ought to be something more than a household drudge. There is a vast difference between what is said and what is being done.This gap is satirical as women seems to be merely a puppet in the hands of family,politics,and economy of the nation.

Today the role of women is vast. As a mother her highest duty is the education of her children.It is needless to say that first foundation of education cannot be laid by an ignorant mother. On these grounds female education is a vital necessity .

Her role is vast and should be maintained, her place in the world should be restored to her as according to what is written in books and what is said.


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About : Bluebella is a style driven, underwear and nightwear brand, planned in-house at their London office. The assortments have a directional and energizing mark look, that mirrors the quality and womanliness of the Bluebella lady, with a tasteful that is reclassifying erotic nature. Taking motivation from the catwalk, the plans frequently have a provocative edge and are made at a value point that makes it exceptionally open inside the commercial center. The assortments exemplify the spirit and style of the Bluebella lady. The directional plans mean to challenge the exemplary undergarments shapes, to make underwear that is wearable yet design drove. This is a style undergarments brand planned basically for the 18 – 35 age gathering, but at the same time is worn by each lady who accepts that age is undoubtedly only a number.

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Littman JewelersA trusted fine jewelry retailer for over a century‚ Littman Jewelers is one of the largest jewelers in America today with over 70 stores throughout the Eastern United States.
MicrosoftMicrosoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services.
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One Condoms from US
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One World Trading from UK
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Cruelty-Free and Vegan Nail Color. Award-Winning Nail Treatments and Nail Care. Professional Gel Nail Color and Home of the Game-Changing ORLY GELFX Builder In a Bottle.
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Miscellaneous,Other, Other Products/Services,Medical Supplies & Services
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Saucony from Canada
At Saucony®, we exist for runners. Runners inspire us, bring us new ideas, and force us to be better. They fuel us to design the best running shoes and apparel
Clothing & Accessories, Men, Women, Sports & Fitness, Clothing,
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Shopbop APAC/AU from Australia
From Internationally renowned and emerging brands.
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Welcome to Simply Wholesale – Never Pay Retail Prices Again! Simply Wholesale is one of the fastest growing online stores in Australia offering a wide range of products that include home, kitchenware, electronics, fashion, travel, jewellery and many more.
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eSports for everyone.
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Chemical Guys offers the largest selection of car care chemicals, body shop detailing supplies, professional accessories, buffing pad systems and machines. Our extensive manufacturing background has enabled us to become one of the leading design, development and manufacturing facilities for many OEMs and Private Labelers.
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Submarino é uma empresa brasileira. É uma das pioneiras no segmento de comércio eletrônico do Brasil, criada em 1999
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Eletrônicos, Loja de Departamentos, Presentes, Telecomunicações
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Sullen Clothing from US
Sullen Art Co. – Save 10% by signing up for our newsletter. New Artist Series tee’s released every Tuesday. Earn reward points with every purchase.
Clothing & Accessories, Men, Women, Children
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Rakuten Global Express from US
Internet & Online,Services,Programs,Department Store,Clothing, Miscellaneous,Other, Other Products/Services,Telecommunications
Long Distance
Shipping & Availability : Australia, Japan, Canada, China, Hong kong, Germany,Korea Republic of, Macau, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand,United Kingdom, United States,
Rakuten Global Express APAC from Australia
Internet & Online,Services,Programs,Department Store,Clothing, Miscellaneous,Other, Other Products/Services,Telecommunications
Long Distance
Shipping & Availability : Australia, Japan, Canada, China, Hong kong, Germany,Korea Republic of, Macau, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam
Rakuten Global Market – AU and Sea from Australia
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Rakuten Kobo Brazil from Brazil
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Rakuten Kobo Europe from France
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Rakuten Super Logistics from US
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Real Ketones from US
Health & Beauty,Bath/Body,Cosmetics,Vitamins,Home & Living, Kitchen,Improvement
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Red Hound Auto from US
Red Hound Auto® manufactures top quality automotive aftermarket accessories, business and industrial products, and much more. Polar Whale™ manufactures stunning, premium quality convenience accessories and organizers for home or business.
Categories : Auto, Accessories, Health & Beauty, Cosmetics, Home & Living, Bed/Bath, Kitchen. Improvement
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Refurb from US
Bigger Value, Better Planet
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Rental Cover from Australia
Get complete protection for your rental car. No hidden fees. $0 deductible excess. Insurance available worldwide.
Auto, Accessories, Rentals, Travel, Car, Miscellaneous, Other, Other Products/Services
Shipping & Availability : 150 countries
Rifftrax LLC from US
RiffTrax is an innovative website featuring the hilarious DVD commentaries of Michael J. Nelson – Star of the legendary television show Mystery Science Theater 3000!
Computer & Electronics, Software, Entertainment, Music, Videos,
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Rocket Lawyer from US
Legal Made Simple
Computer & Electronics, Software, Office, Home Office, Internet & Online, Services, Business & Career, Real Estate, Family, Education
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Royal Mint Bullion from UK
Royal Mint Bullion is a trading platform where customers can buy and sell physical gold, silver and platinum bullion coins and bars, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week directly from The Royal Mint. Based in the United Kingdom, The Royal Mint is one of the oldest organizations in the world which has been operating for more than 1000 years.
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J.R.Dunn Jewelers from US
Clothing & Accessories, Accessories, Men, Women, Jewelry,
Department Store,Jewelry
Shipping & Availability : Canada, United States
JClub from US
Clothing & Accessories,Women,Health & Beauty,Bath/Body,
Home & Living,Bed/Bath,Kitchen,Jewelry
Shipping & Availability : United States
John Academy from UK
Games & Toys, Educational, Internet & Online,Services,
Business & Career, Employment, Family, Education, Entertainment
Shipping & Availability : 150 Countries
Just Fashion Now from UK
Clothing & Accessories, Men, Women, Mature/Adult, Apparel, Sports & Fitness, Clothing, Department Store,
Shipping & Availability : 31 Countries

Ethnic Wear from Biba

Online shopping for designer ethnic wear for ladies. Buy latest collection of anarkali suits, kurta/kurtis, lehenga, palazzo & salwar kameez for women at biba.free Shipping COD available.

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New ArrivalsMix and Match
Suits SetGirls
Anju ModiJewellery
Factory Outlet

Company’s Desription : Biba is fashion giant , offeriing ethnic and contemporary apparels for women. The shades of colors are vibrant, attractive, contrast which are eye catchy an lively. The word ‘BIBA’ means ‘ A young girl’. Biba has been associated with Bollywood very closely. It has launched its e-commerce platform in 2014.

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Exclusive Online Women’s Clothing Shopping from Kalkifashion

Shop for Women’s Indian dresses, Indian Wedding and Party wear dresses and other Indian Clothing Online at KalkiFashion , the largest online ethnic wear outfits store with free shipping, worldwide delivery, cash on delivery and easy returns policy.

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New ArrivalsSale
Best Seller

KalkiFashion is a brand in India in a big way. But this name has a different aspect too, other than being known as a fashion clothing brand for women. Here in India, we worship “Kalki” as an avatar of Lord Vishnu and righteously this name has brought in good fortunes and bestowed upon us, prosperity that we always yearn. Celebrities, business tycoons, tinsel town divas, models are now the trusted customers of ‘Kalki’ as they get to shop for their choicest of attires and Indian outfits in the most elegant and glamorous styles. You ask for a bridal wear, wedding collection or a whole new range of Indian wedding dresses, we are with it, anytime of the year.

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Official Running Shoes & Clothing from ASICS India

ASICS India : Take your performance to the next level with the ASICS Official online store and shop the latest styles.

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KidsInside Asics


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ASICS has been developing sports footwear and apparel for more than 50 years. In this time, innovation has been the key to our introduction of design philosophies that have revolutionized the world of sports. At our research and development center in Kobe, Japan, we work in close collaboration with male and female athletes. Through our scientific approach we have strived to create highly innovative sports product solutions that our customers rely upon. Technologies, such as core GEL cushioning system and Flytefoam are reknown for enabling the most comfortable and performance-enhancing footwear and apparel on the market, for athletes and active consumers alike.The brand believes in making special memories even more precious so that every woman celebrates her occasion with full zing. With interiors that matches the brands personality and courteous staff, shopping at KALKI will indeed give every lady a wonderful shopping experience.

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Running Shoes, Gear and Clothes from Saucony

High-performance running shoes from Saucony are a key part of success so embrace the full line of sneakers, gear and clothing

High-performance running shoes from Saucony are a key part of success so embrace the full line of sneakers, gear and clothing. Now Paazy Club is approved marketing channel partner of Saucony.


At Saucony, we exist for runners. A good day is when we get to run. A great day is when we inspire someone else to run. This focus and passion fuels us as we strive to create the best running shoes and apparel on the planet. Saucony was founded way back in 1898. Ever since, we’ve been loyal to the sport, building goodness into every product and inviting millions around the world to run with us.

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Keds Canvas Sneakers, Leather Shoes | Keds

Official Keds Site – Shop for canvas sneakers, leather shoes, & canvas shoes in a variety of styles & colors. Free shipping & returns.

We are glad to inform you that now you can shop and save on Keds brand in Canada. Keds has approved Paazy Club as there marketing channel partner. Keds started designing sneakers for women in 1916 with a simple, yet chic take on canvas footwear. Goal was and still is to empower women to be who they want to be and go where they want to go. Here’s to putting #LadiesFirst for the next 100 years.


For over 100 years, generations of women have laughed, marched, danced, debated, launched companies, grew families, and won awards while wearing Keds. We’re proud of the fearless women who take on the world wearing our sneakers, after all, they’re just like us.

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Online Shopping and free delivery at Singapore

Singapore’s leading online lifestyles and groceries shopping site. EAMART offer FREE Delivery with NO Minimum Purchase. A wide range of products available. Start shopping today!

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EAMart is a fast-growing Online Grocery & Lifestyle Shopping Website in Singapore that offer FREE Deliver with No Minimum Purchase. EAMart has its own warehouse and a large fleet of delivery vehicles; operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with daily delivery from 7 a.m – 10 p.m.

EAMart has a wide-categories of products, such as; Baby & Child, Beverages, Health & Beauty, Household, Stationery, Supplements, Electronics, Pets, Rice, Noodles & Oil and many more. EAMart also has Culture Category tailored for the Japanese, Korean, Halal, Indian, and the Vietnamese.

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World First Organic Laundry Solution from Dreambly

Dreambly is an all-in-one laundry product that replaces your detergent, softener, dryer sheets, and any other laundry products you may use. Dreambly® has created the World’s FIRST 100% Organic All-in-1 Wash+Dry Laundry Sheets!

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How does it work? Simple!

Grab a Dreambly® Wash+Dry Sheet, throw it in the wash, and when the cycle is complete, transfer it into the dryer with your clothes. Just 1 sheet handles BOTH your washing AND drying needs.

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Washing and Drying
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It’s an All-in-1 Wash+Dry laundry sheet. And the best part is Dreambly® sheets are 100% ORGANIC, BIODEGRADABLE SHEET THAT CLEANS, WHITENS, BRIGHTENS, AND SOFTENS.

One pack of Dreambly® sheets will totally replace shelves of your traditional laundry products in your home.

No more dangerous, toxic and harmful chemicals for your clothes, machine, loved ones and pets. No more measuring and figuring out how much of what product to use.

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Your Skincare Doctor-Brandt

Dr. Brandt Skincare provides the best anti aging line with skincare products for flawless and younger looking skin. Take the doctor home to look and feel your absolute best HERE

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Pores NO MORE! || Heal & Conceal Pores for Good – Elle Leary Artistry

A cult favorite for six years, pores no more® pore refiner primer is Dr. Brandt’s quick fix for flawless, photo-ready skin at any age and during any season. This miracle base creates the perfect canvas for your makeup application. It acts as an invisible barrier to prevent makeup from clogging pores and as a velvety primer to absorb excess oil and blur fine lines and imperfections while improving the longevity of makeup.

Skin Care Products
House CallsNeedles No More
Pores no morePrebiotics
Do not ageRetinol
Xtend Your YouthWater Booster
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Creating safe, dermaceutical formulas to help pave the way for healthy aging. By merging science and cutting edge delivery systems, we create products that are effective and deliver on the promise of long lasting results at home.

A hand-picked team of interdisciplinary experts including top dermatologists, nutritionists, plastic surgeons, geneticists, clinical estheticians and derma-phycologists to enhance and grow our brand’s knowledge base.

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Designer Jewellery from Daisy London

Designer of the iconic healing stone, chakra & daisy jewellery, Daisy London is known for its wellness focused fashion jewellery and contemporary designs for necklaces, bracelets, earrings & rings.

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Daisy London’s jewellery collections are borne out of a love for the beautiful and the exotic, out of a passion for travel and new adventures. Each collection carries a story inspired by meaningful symbols and is more than just an accessory.

Our jewellery is loved by Daisy girls all around the world, press and bloggers and has been spotted on countless celebrities, including our original Daisy cover girl, Cara Delevingne.

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Whether you’re soaking up the sunshine on a beach, sightseeing on a city break or dancing ’til dawn at a festival, pile on your jewellery wherever this summer takes you.

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City Beach Australia – Surf, Skate, Street and Fashion Clothing

City Beach has the latest surf, skate, street & fashion for women, men & kids. New styles of clothing, footwear, accessories added every day.

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City Beach provides a unique place to shop by making the stores a fun place to hang out. They are constantly assessing what it is that you want, and from that, we develop in-store entertainment for you that is unmatched by any other retailer in Australia. Just check out the list of stars who are lining up to be a part of the City Beach experience and meet their fans – Bliss N Eso, Cam Sinclair, Bam Margera, T-Pain, The Rockstar Crew, Parko, Bucky Lasek, Taj Burrows, Children Collide, Yves Klein Blue, Kottonmouth Kings, freestyle BMX legend Tim Wood, the boys from Crusty Demons of Dirt and Metal Mulisha. Chances are, if they’re coming to Australia, they’re coming to a City Beach store near you!

When it all began in 1985, had one tiny shop just off Queen Street Mall in Brisbane, Queensland. Since then, City Beach has grown to become a part of many Australian’s lives.

From those humble beginnings until now, our commitment to build huge stores that are fun to visit has made City Beach stores a great place to hang out when you’re shopping with your friends.



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Calcutta Outdoors

Shop the official Calcutta Outdoors site for men and women outdoor apparel, gear and more. Free site wide same day shipping on order over $50.

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We are an outdoor coastal trading company that builds gear and apparel for those with a passion for the outdoors. Born in the back of a Florida bait and tackle shop over a quarter century ago, Calcutta was created with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious goal to offer hardworking outdoor products at a reasonable price.

Born in the back of a Florida bait and tackle shop over a quarter century ago, Calcutta was created with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious goal to offer hardworking outdoor products at a great value. From nearly indestructible coolers and a full-line of fishing products to high-performance sunglasses and authentic apparel designed for the outdoors, Calcutta builds the products that fit your lifestyle. We’re on a mission to help you reclaim your free time and to declare mutiny on the mundane. If you’re looking to escape from everyday routine, you can depend on Calcutta. Calcutta [ kal-kuht-uh ] a form of betting for a competition or tournament, such as a fishing tournament.

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