News Poem

Trees-a gift from nature

Trees – a resource of environment and nature.

A gift of Earth’s present and future.

Considered as next to god,

Now-a-days killed by knife and sword.

Loved by animals and children for their games,

Life of trees has been turned into fumes and flames.

There was a time when trees were loved and worshiped for it’s sanctity,

In today’s world ,on contrast ,trees have lost their


In the Corona age, Trees have become precious,

Benefits of trees are various.

Shade, shelter, timber and fruits, are truly

the endowments of trees,

Truly, man has released,

the uses of forests and trees.

Afforestation has become mandatory,

Release of oxygen is normal and ordinary.

Love trees, as they cry when cut by sword,

Respect trees, grow trees and worship

Trees without any word.