Is organic food good in Covid-era?

In the modern consumer day fast food times, Organic food might not be a top priority on a palate, but it is fast changing to be the thing in vogue these days, among the fitness freaks.

What is so special about the organic food that makes it a fitness fad among the health conscious?

As we are passing through Covid infested times, the body needs antioxidants to make the immune system stronger, so it could withstand the invisible assault pulled up by the Corona- Virus, and organic food has plethora of antioxidants. If oxygen present in the air, reacts with the iron, the result is rust.Though oxygen is needed in greater amounts when an individual is in the grip of Corona Virus, but for the healthy, the oxygen combines with the food compounds and produces new elements which result in dissipation of energy, thus weakening the immunity of the body, because of which a healthy looking person could easily fall prey to the deadly virus.

Organic foods inhibit oxidation and thus prevent the loss of energy which builds up the immunity. So eat more of organic foods and if you are unable to find them, the ALFALFA pills from Herbal Hills could dish out the necessary green dosage that will make up for the lack of organic foods in your diet.

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To the lunatic ruler

You suck blood from nation,

Making forth into a confluence,

of many pipes sucking the ration

Of Every cert ounce of existence

Like one giant machine making the clock work

In the guise of a war against a phantom among the hills,

Whose arrow is stretched for fictional foe with a smirk,

Then you are not to be culpable for the suicide pills

On the border fenced with frames of firing faces,

The precious concert you want to abandon,

And make the people wear purple hue of chosen races,

And I have guessed it right you owe the reason

For bringing more money into the society with thousand faces,

You pat must too often,

That to yourself,

The stock of reason is empty of the sense of great coffin

To become the darling of the people and themselves

Masked with ideas, your own frustrations,

With a silencer to silence the very essence of elves,

That you are committed to your own libido instead of nations,

To rule the nation in one swig of lunacy.

Why Apple is killing iTunes?

Apple Inc has shaken off its legs, not to dance to any tunes but to kill the iTunes off the shelf. Why such a volt-face when iTunes was not performing poorly or badly for that matter? What once was cheek and jowl to iPod will be long dead gone off the face of the planet. Everyone is taken back by Apple’s decision to cut the umbilical chords off iTunes. But there is one good darn reason for the decision, the peer-pressure from Facebook, Google and Amazon with each vying for music oriented apps. Taking the cue from them, Apple too has gone forward to deliver the apps Apple Music, Apple podcasts and Apple TV in place of iTunes. With the unprecedented success of YouTube, Apple is trying to emulate Google with the idea of promoting unified app experience across all Apple devices. So the unbundling of iTunes is viewed by many critics and Apple Inc themselves as a step in the right direction.

A brief look into the history of iTunes will prompt us with the reasons why Apple took the extreme step for the one thing iTunes never was a top class music player. It had failed rather miserably to showcase itself as top of the rack music player. The primary reason behind this was iTunes primarily came into existence in the early decade of the 21st century to let the Apple users rip and burn CDs easily, without any hassles for at that time the market was based on CD usage. With the passage of time, technology took better of CDs and CD music has lagged behind in sales ever since.

Apple, after iTunes been there for 18 years,is saying goodbye to iTunes. It though not has been hard on the prestige of Apple, to let go iTunes once and forever. The future, led by now three apps instead of one, is quite bright as envisaged by Craig Federighi, vp software engineering at Apple. And in a huge bonanza of songs, Apple is letting the users have access to almost mind-boggling figure of 50 million songs. The number, in its own standing, justifies the killing of iTunes. Whatever be the future, the end user though is not going to suffer.

About wedding dresses in the not so wedding season

Should you buy wedding dress for $5 or $1000? You are getting married and there is tons of pressure from all sides of the society to spend, spend and spend more on wedding and wedding dress. But in light of Corona , the wedding is becoming a simpler affair with 5 minute ceremony on the cards. That’s it and it is what is recommended. Recently, the Punjab government has announced there might mot be more than 30 people in the wedding. Wedding is for both the couple and the guests and the guests must learn the lesson harsh to have a small destination wedding.

A location matters, to certain extent yes, but you can’t have a beach in Punjab so the best to do in a wealthy civilization to have a good fancy dress for the guests. Would you go for Ottoman style wedding dress to have a valuable piece of clothing. Surrounded and cuddled by the friends, you don’t expect to be a center-stage among the court to have a court marriage, still you need a wedding dress. A tunic of linen is a way of reminding the people it is the most important day of your life.

You don’t want to end up with a community dress, a traditional suit. Though white is the color to go for it indicates the purity and virginity. It began with Queen Victoria’s wedding to prince Albert. It became a trend then a tradition. The older generation might not be aware of the fact, the white is the color of Wedding for guys as well as gals, but what for the bright bride, the traditional pink is okay.

Do you like a neckline to suit the shape and fabric along with the weather or climate of the day. Wear it close to the body that doesn’t stretch so you look lean and at best. The typical wedding is a trip to time when you were single and now you want it to matter the most for the most important day of your life. You don’t want to trip over on the wedding day, so wear the dress that suits your posture and helps you with the walk. It is a huge thing to marry. The challenge of the dress and the menu is to find the right balance between tradition and fashion. A few generations ago marriage was a big thing, no longer it is the case. It is just normal for the two persons to come together and become double. You have gone through the process of life and now you find it hard to find a suitable gown for the marriage. While choosing for a wedding dress, you must watch the process to find a gown or suit trying one after the other till you are satisfied to the core with the look and feel of the wedding dress scraping your body and making you look different.

Would you pick up your wedding dress like you pick up other clothes you wear. I don’t think so the feeling is not the same with other clothes after all wedding is a special occasion. The kind of cut you need is what. The chances of ruining a wedding dress are bright in case you decide to die with a bucket of lime to make it brighten. You will be spending countless hours as you are from a newer generation having different relationship with clothes. Go for the outre moment and the pure moment is made memorable for you will be looking at the wedding photograph for many times in the life yet to come. SO you don’t want anyone to complain about your wedding dress. The actual event will make your remember how special you felt the wedding day. You have to be realistically optimistic in the times of Corona Virus. Weddings are made in heavens and the dresses among the stars. Don’t let your wedding dress to become an afterthought, go for the perfect 10.

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Effective business strategies amid Covid-19

With Covid-19 submerging the world into a state of inactivity, and for the business to come out of this unforeseen torpidity needs effective strategies. To combat Covid-19 and still be profitable, the businesses need to rethink the business model, the logic of doing the business.  To continue with the habit of spewing profit as in the pre Covid-19 world, the business houses must opt for residual choices enforced by the new business model in the Covid-19 world. By residuary choice, the economist means opting for the benefits that last the duration of the service provided. As in film or music industry, the film once made continues to generate income long after the release, made possible through selling various broadcasting rights to TV or the media other than the cinema for which the film had originally been produced.

The first thing to establish in formulating a strategy for business in the Covid-19 world is to look for alternative processes through which the profit could be generated like cybersecurity, risk management, supply-chain reassessment, travel security, continuity plans, policies against disinformation and confusion.
For example,  in the selling of a product at Amazon or Flipkart, just following the retail delivery of the product is not sufficient, the business model must enforce the parameters to make hygienic delivery of the product possible while lowering the labour cost of manufacturing. It requires additional data about customer buying patterns like whether the user lives in Covid containment area, is he a frequent traveller? or does he have any health issues? which we would see later could be assessed from crowdsourcing pool.

In the production, dependence on robotic control to manufacture products. As another example, the software giant like Microsoft can cooperate to offer their services topped with the services offered by the health sector to protect the supply chain and the end consumer as well.
These days, everything is on the cloud, and to access the cloud requires asset management which can be based on the following factor, depth of disruption- by itself, it means how long would the effect of the technical staff remaining away from work or continuing with work from home last?

Effective Strategies

One of the effective strategies could be to divide the team into two halves, one the red team and the other the blue, both opting for a dress code so that there is no confusion during the implementation of the strategy. The red team can work on odd-numbered days while the blue team could operate on even days. We are using game theory whereby the rational choices made by red team depend upon those choices made by the blue one and vice-versa.


Crowdsourcing is another business model in which a common pool is created for businesses to share their expertise and resources. To make effective decisions, the businesses thus could utilize the services of other businesses which might not be in the direct competition. The White-cup campaign launched by Starbucks to encourage users to decorate their cups is a step in the direction of crowdsourcing. On other occasions, amid the Covid-19 the people might prefer to stay home so the shoes could be designed in such a way that they bestow more comfort on the consumer while cutting down the quality costs of the material.

The tech giants like Google can crowdfund the other businesses in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to affect them in becoming more intelligent.
Launching the drive for the virtual offices at the home of the employees could indeed turn a valuable tactic in the long run. By defining the new normal for the employees where they can overcome the need to commute to the office could turn the tables on the pandemic. Wherever necessary, the workload that an employee can carry without any intervention should be delegated for home. We can expect the pandemic to end as soon as two years from now so the companies must prepare for the post-Covid phase as well.
As we have seen thus far, customer engagement as a part of business strategy in the times of Covid-19 is crucial. Just offering the discounts on spending levels is no longer a viable option, instead, encourage customers to participate in keeping the brand loyalty a top priority.

Marketing and Promotional

As far the marketing and promotional activities are concerned, the business house should encourage the subscription program for the customers to keep coming back, but it should be well targeted by the data taken from the shared resources pool with the other like-minded businesses.

Developing online forums

The business should develop online forums where to disseminate knowledge to the customers about the product so that they could use the product hygienically. The knowledge is power and the effective usage of knowledge through data-warehousing and data mining could result in better product delivery, production and pricing. The knowledge in the form of content should be more personalized to each user.

A sort of tour de force performance at life

I have come a full circle in life, writing about and living the vagaries of love, destiny and money. Though money has been a little chameleon to me, I have stood my ground and ended up writing for Paazy Press Club.
I began my professional life as a computer scientist out to prove himself in the scintillating world sewn about by Mumbai where I taught Computer Science to Electronics and Electrical students. It was during this time I was writing poetry inspired by the modern English imagist movement led by Ezra Pound who had played a protege to T.S Elliot.
My first writing piece appeared in Mid-Day newspaper of Mumbai back in 1997. Since then I have been around the world to Canada to hone my writing skills. After spending 10 years in the wilderness in Canada during which I had published my first book of Poetry called Universo, I returned to India having satisfied with the precision my poetic language carried. Most of the tones of the English language I had acquired from the Canadians whom I had found out to be witty and intelligent. I firmly believe that the tone in which we deliver the everyday speech matters a lot in rhyming the idea in a poem.
Back in India in 2010, I didn’t fritter my time looking for a job but instead settled to hone my artistic aptitude through drawing and painting. The painting, I view brings out the purity in colour within you, so that you start feeling the heartbeat of life with vigour. After a stint in advertising, I felt I had more penchant for Poetry, rather than selling soaps and operas through writing. Recently, I have published two books of poetry, one with Kindle Publishing and the other through self-publishing endeavour.
Of recently, I came in close contact with Paazy Press Club which I feel is undertaking a good work to enlighten the people. It’s been a good ride at the club, as I get a chance to share my views and opinions, besides my life-thoughts, as I am doing in this post.
The club has a wonderful platform to share knowledge or buy products online. AT the club site you can catch up with what’s happening around you, buy products from the renowned vendors like Microsoft and many more, or simply chat with friends. It is really fortunate to have so many talented people under one roof with everyone adding zest to life via contributions with Journalism. All the best to all and sundry.

Why Apple is updating its iPhones sooner?

Apple is the company the world has seen to deliver technology with a style. Since the unveiling of the iPhone in 2007, Apple has amassed more than $200 billion in a single year. Such an enormous turnover though is cherished but could make the company stress-prone in keeping tabs on its sales. Since Apple markets its products on style, it keeps on innovating on design to keep its loyal customer base intact while looking for ways to make inroads into newer markets like Africa.
Apple is essentially a computer maker company that branched into music and TV, i.e to say in the audio and video which are extensions of ears and eyes. So it keeps the people hooked on its devices. Thus the message the Apple delivers as a company to its users through its products whether iPhones, iPods, iPads or MacBooks, is that keep coming back to buy more.
Apple is unique in its product delivery but it is meeting stiff competition from Google which has come out with Chromebooks and Google phones besides apps like Google Pay which are a competition to Apple products and apps like Apple Pay. Youtube is the Google Mantra to keep Apple worried. So to keep Google off the bay, Apple introduces its products and services sooner than usual.
Apple streams music which is a fast-changing industry so Apple keeps on upgrading its iPhones. Moreover, Apple products are expensive and to cut the cost, Apple outsources much of its production to China. With growing nationalism in China, the Chinese are turning against Apple in a big way. To keep the angry or more inquisitive customers calm, Apple sees to the fact that there is one model or the other out anytime sooner.
The space at the top is very less and to make room for its prestige, power and pride, Apple the company keeps on upgrading whether OSX or iOS, MacBooks or iPhones.

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Mankind’s tryst with Mars in July 2020

It’s the monsoon season as the dark clouds with loads of rainy water surge upon northern India while you feel lounging in the living room with relief from the sweltering heat of past days. About thousands of miles away, on the west coast of the Atlantic, NASA is preparing to take on a journey down the space-miles to Mars as Mars nears to the earth in its orbit.

Perseverance as the Space vehicle is called will set out on a mission to study the planet Mars on 30th July. Perseverance will collect rock and soil samples of Martian surface in a bid to study the origins of life in the solar system, and the mission will try to lift the mystery from the impending question of whether there was life anywhere else in the solar system, besides the earth.

To know who we are and from where we have descended on the earth, it is worthwhile taking a trip to Mars. The landing site chosen by NASA called Jezero Crater speaks volume about the possibility of getting firsthand samples of the Martian rocks and soil, as the crater is thought to have fanned water in the distant past of Martian life.

Essentially we have here a launch vehicle that will carry the spacecraft outside of the earth’s gravitational pull, which in turn will fly to the Mars, and upon entering the Martian gravitational pull, the spacecraft will land the rover Perseverance on to the Martian surface.

The mission could be seen as a step in the direction of colonizing the space around us. There are lots of minerals and resources on Mars which could be used when the resources on the earth dwindle. We should be using the carbon imprints to safeguard the environment, and rightly so Mars is the right candidate to begin dating carbon.

The rover size is crucial to its design that should be able to withhold the weak atmospheric pressure and lower gravity than the earth. The rover is about 10 feet long (not including the arm), 9 feet wide, and 7 feet tall (about 3 meters long, 2.7 meters wide, and 2.2 meters tall). But at 2,260 pounds (1,025 kilograms), Perseverance is about 278 pounds (126 kilograms).

As pointed out by the earlier Curiosity rover, the martian atmosphere contains methane gas which happens to flow from living things. The Severance mission will continue its probe where Curiosity left. It would be interesting to see if the rover could find the microbial life of which mankind is waiting to hear in affirmative.

It would be a consolation for NASA team who beat the Covid-19 pandemic in preparing the launch on schedule. It is hoped the mankind will have something to cheer about, as comes this July end.