A sort of tour de force performance at life

I have come a full circle in life, writing about and living the vagaries of love, destiny and money. Though money has been a little chameleon to me, I have stood my ground and ended up writing for Paazy Press Club.
I began my professional life as a computer scientist out to prove himself in the scintillating world sewn about by Mumbai where I taught Computer Science to Electronics and Electrical students. It was during this time I was writing poetry inspired by the modern English imagist movement led by Ezra Pound who had played a protege to T.S Elliot.
My first writing piece appeared in Mid-Day newspaper of Mumbai back in 1997. Since then I have been around the world to Canada to hone my writing skills. After spending 10 years in the wilderness in Canada during which I had published my first book of Poetry called Universo, I returned to India having satisfied with the precision my poetic language carried. Most of the tones of the English language I had acquired from the Canadians whom I had found out to be witty and intelligent. I firmly believe that the tone in which we deliver the everyday speech matters a lot in rhyming the idea in a poem.
Back in India in 2010, I didn’t fritter my time looking for a job but instead settled to hone my artistic aptitude through drawing and painting. The painting, I view brings out the purity in colour within you, so that you start feeling the heartbeat of life with vigour. After a stint in advertising, I felt I had more penchant for Poetry, rather than selling soaps and operas through writing. Recently, I have published two books of poetry, one with Kindle Publishing and the other through self-publishing endeavour.
Of recently, I came in close contact with Paazy Press Club which I feel is undertaking a good work to enlighten the people. It’s been a good ride at the club, as I get a chance to share my views and opinions, besides my life-thoughts, as I am doing in this post.
The club has a wonderful platform to share knowledge or buy products online. AT the club site you can catch up with what’s happening around you, buy products from the renowned vendors like Microsoft and many more, or simply chat with friends. It is really fortunate to have so many talented people under one roof with everyone adding zest to life via contributions with Journalism. All the best to all and sundry.