Should you buy wedding dress for $5 or $1000? You are getting married and there is tons of pressure from all sides of the society to spend, spend and spend more on wedding and wedding dress. But in light of Corona , the wedding is becoming a simpler affair with 5 minute ceremony on the cards. That’s it and it is what is recommended. Recently, the Punjab government has announced there might mot be more than 30 people in the wedding. Wedding is for both the couple and the guests and the guests must learn the lesson harsh to have a small destination wedding.

A location matters, to certain extent yes, but you can’t have a beach in Punjab so the best to do in a wealthy civilization to have a good fancy dress for the guests. Would you go for Ottoman style wedding dress to have a valuable piece of clothing. Surrounded and cuddled by the friends, you don’t expect to be a center-stage among the court to have a court marriage, still you need a wedding dress. A tunic of linen is a way of reminding the people it is the most important day of your life.

You don’t want to end up with a community dress, a traditional suit. Though white is the color to go for it indicates the purity and virginity. It began with Queen Victoria’s wedding to prince Albert. It became a trend then a tradition. The older generation might not be aware of the fact, the white is the color of Wedding for guys as well as gals, but what for the bright bride, the traditional pink is okay.

Do you like a neckline to suit the shape and fabric along with the weather or climate of the day. Wear it close to the body that doesn’t stretch so you look lean and at best. The typical wedding is a trip to time when you were single and now you want it to matter the most for the most important day of your life. You don’t want to trip over on the wedding day, so wear the dress that suits your posture and helps you with the walk. It is a huge thing to marry. The challenge of the dress and the menu is to find the right balance between tradition and fashion. A few generations ago marriage was a big thing, no longer it is the case. It is just normal for the two persons to come together and become double. You have gone through the process of life and now you find it hard to find a suitable gown for the marriage. While choosing for a wedding dress, you must watch the process to find a gown or suit trying one after the other till you are satisfied to the core with the look and feel of the wedding dress scraping your body and making you look different.

Would you pick up your wedding dress like you pick up other clothes you wear. I don’t think so the feeling is not the same with other clothes after all wedding is a special occasion. The kind of cut you need is what. The chances of ruining a wedding dress are bright in case you decide to die with a bucket of lime to make it brighten. You will be spending countless hours as you are from a newer generation having different relationship with clothes. Go for the outre moment and the pure moment is made memorable for you will be looking at the wedding photograph for many times in the life yet to come. SO you don’t want anyone to complain about your wedding dress. The actual event will make your remember how special you felt the wedding day. You have to be realistically optimistic in the times of Corona Virus. Weddings are made in heavens and the dresses among the stars. Don’t let your wedding dress to become an afterthought, go for the perfect 10.

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