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The ailing planet

Today it is the day we witness the deteriorating health of the Earth because of human beings growing lust to exploit all it’s natural resources. Man is considered to be the most dangerous animal in this world according to a zoo in luaska. The extensive exploitation by human beings for the survival and development, the […]

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Trees-a gift from nature

Trees – a resource of environment and nature. A gift of Earth’s present and future. Considered as next to god, Now-a-days killed by knife and sword. Loved by animals and children for their games, Life of trees has been turned into fumes and flames. There was a time when trees were loved and worshiped for […]

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Environmental pollution

There was a time when Earth was worshiped as Goddess and given respect with enthusiasm and austerity. The beautiful planet called as the blue planet was considered to be a planet which was known as mother giving way to life. But now, astonishingly Earth is no more a pure planet and has become a place […]

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Mankind’s tryst with Mars in July 2020

It’s the monsoon season as the dark clouds with loads of rainy water surge upon northern India while you feel lounging in the living room with relief from the sweltering heat of past days. About thousands of miles away, on the west coast of the Atlantic, NASA is preparing to take on a journey down […]