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Spafinder, the endowment of health and spa, dispatched its first online presence 15 years back. From its underlying foundations as a media organization, the brand has developed into the guarantee of prosperity for all.

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    Like many people these days, you’re probably heard of Swedish massage. It is after all the Queen of Massage if there is one. You may also be aware of the many benefits of massage- the stress reduction, immediate benefits to your immune system and of course the relaxation zone post benefits. The post Which Swedish Massage is Best for You? appeared first on Spafinder.
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    Microneedling gives you plumper, softer skin by stimulating collagen. If you are curious, check out these tips for younger looking skin. The post Your First Time for Micro-needling – What to Expect appeared first on Spafinder.
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    First time for Botox? No worries—we cover a first-time Botox experience right here, complete with vital tips, tricks, and advice. The post Your First-Time for Botox: Here’s What to Expect appeared first on Spafinder.

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Put Away Fungal Diseases During the Sweaty Months-Dr. Rohini Thakur

During the summer season, there is usually a rise in the cases of fungal infections due to the increased humidity. Fungi, which grows all around us as well as within the body, thrives in moist and humid environments and can multiply and grow more easily during the summer season. Dr. Rohini Thakur Consultant Dermatology Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala told Fungal infections more commonly occur in the crevices of the body where it is more likely for sweat to be produced and trapped, for example, in the armpits, between the thighs, between the toes or under the breasts. If one is not careful with their hygiene and spends a long time with the moisture trapped between the folds of skin, they are at a high risk of developing a fungal disease. The following are some symptoms of fungal infection told Dr. Rohini:

Dr. Rohini Thakur Consultant Dermatology
  1. Itching or burning sensation
  2. Dryness 
  3. Cracking or Peeling
  4. Scaliness
  5. Red patches

If any of the above symptoms do not go away by washing and moisturizing, there is a possibility that it could be a fungal infection. The following are the most common fungal infections witnessed during humid seasons – 

  • Athlete’s Foot

This infection affects the feet and usually starts from in between the toes. Wearing socks for long hours, re-using socks, wearing closed shoes in the hot climate for very long. Maintain impeccable hygiene if you use the swimming pool and public bathroom during the humid climates as the fungi are likely to be found there. If you start to experience redness, blistering, itchiness in between your toes, apply a topical anti-fungal cream. Visit the doctor if symptoms are severe and cannot be managed by a topical cream.

Prevention: During the summer season, it is best to allow the feet to breathe freely as much as possible. Opt for open-toe footwear. If you tend to sweat often, try to use powders and regularly wipe to avoid fungal growth

  • Ringworm

Named after the way that this disease looks, ringworm is highly contagious and can spread quickly across your skin. Symptoms are rashes that appear in the form of red circles. The skin can become raised, itchy, and flaky. Ringworm can spread through human contact, soil, and even animals. It can usually be controlled and treated easily with an anti-fungal cream.

Prevention: Hygiene is key to prevent ringworm. Ensure you clean and dry yourself after playing with pets, or playing out in the garden. Parents must take extra care of their children’s hygiene during this time.

  • Jock’s Itch

This infection occurs between the inner thighs, around the groin or buttocks area, and can occur to both men and women. The infection usually presents with continual itching, chafing, redness, scaliness, or a rash.

Prevention: Choose loose-fitted, cotton underwear, and more breathable clothing during the summer. Avoid synthetic material. Avoid wearing the same clothes for very long especially, if it has been drenched in sweat as this will promote the growth of fungi. Take more showers and dry yourself properly throughout the day depending on your activity levels.

Fungal infections depend largely on moisture to survive. If any parts of your body are prone to excessive sweating, or if you are very active, the fool proof way to avoid infection is by maintaining impeccable hygiene. Clean yourself regularly and keep your skin dry. Choose loose and cotton-based attire that will help absorb sweat rather than create an extra barrier outside your skin. Change your clothes regularly, and avoid repeat usage of clothes during the hot months. A lot of people use the swimming pool during the summer season – ensure that you do not sit in your wet swimming costume for very long, maintain good hygiene when using the public bathrooms, wear clean and dry footwear. Keep your immune system at its best by keeping yourself hydrated so that your body can cope with any infections.


In a few months, the mayhem wrought by covid-19 has changed us in ways one can’t imagine. We thought that the lock down will end by a week or so, but here we are after five months scared to hug our family members.

As people group revive and individuals are all the more frequently out in the open, the expression “physical removing” (rather than social separating) is being utilized to invigorate the need to remain at any rate 6 feet from others, just as wearing face veils. “social separating” is a term that was utilized before in the pandemic as individuals remained at home to help forestall the spread of the infection. Presently as everything is reviving and individuals are in open all the more frequently, physical removing is utilized to pressure the significance of keeping up separation when in open territories.

Our heartbeat rises every time the guard scans our temper. During this period when we are held hostage by an invisible enemy, we get caught between fear and anxiety such as worry about getting the virus when you go to the grocery but one should know when to cope with them on our own and when to seek help. Such matters are adaptive when you can use your anxiety as a motivation to protect yourself and your family by following the guidelines recommended by the government. You can deal with this phase by keeping a meaningful routine to keep yourself preoccupied.

When humans went into lock down, we adapted to our forced new life in lock down quite quickly. Being a tech-savvy generation we shifted to digital offices(work from home), Zoom conferences, Classrooms- an Id password away, video calling our friends and family to stay connected. We learned to live our lives without maids, without restaurants, started cooking the restaurant’s food at home. We learned to manage in less ration and this is what pandemic taught us LESS IS MORE!

And while we stayed locked, Wild animals started wandering around the cities across the world and experts claimed that the ozone layer is also recovering itself. The smog in most of the cities lifted and (AQI) Air Quality index was in the green zone in most of the cities. It is giving us this very uncommon understanding into exactly the amount of a wreck we people are a creation of our wonderful planet.

The World Health Organisation chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, “Covid-19 is reminding us of a simple but vital truth: we are one species, sharing one planet.” This short hiatus only serves to show us how poorly we have lived our lives so far and to give a brief taste of how it could have been having we lived life differently. We should stop being the foe of nature, and rather become its companion.

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Web browsing is more like a game, you get what you want or just scroll endlessly through plethora of links on google for nothing. But when it comes to browsing to shop, there stands among the other apps, an app called Savi browser app. It delivers the best shopping experience with thousands of product categories waiting to be explored. Who knows? you might end up finding a gem of a product you have been eyeing for a while or for a longer period of time for that matter.

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1-800-PetMedsHealth & Beauty,Vitamins, Home & Living, Garden, Family, Pets, Prescription, Medical Supplies & Services
Karat BarKaratbars International was founded in 2011. The company is specialized in the sale of small gold bars and gift items in gold bullion. The headquarter and the logistics center of Karatbars International is located in Stuttgart, Germany. It is responsible for the support, marketing, customer and partner communication, execution and delivery of orders. The headquarter also co-ordinates the opening of new countries throughout Europe.
Karatbars offers the attractive and affordable option for consumers to purchase 999.9 pure gold bullion, as well as gold merchandising, collector’s items and gift cards. We are proud of the independence that Karatbars offers consumers to own, manage and control their personal Karatbars purchases. Deliveries in smaller quantities are packaged under video surveillance at the headquarters of Karatbars International, and shipped daily via FedEx.Gold, Karat bar, Branding Coins, Branding Gold, 3D Gold, Classic Karatbar
Paazy TravelWith one search you can compare flight and hotels prices from world top travel sites.
SkillzSkillz, the leading mobile e-Sports platform, connects the world’s 2.6 billion games through competition. In 2017, Skillz was named the #1 fastest-growing private company in America by Inc. Magazine, the first eSports company on CNBC’s Disruptor 50, and the only eSports company on the San Francisco Business Times Fast 100. Over 12 million gamers use Skillz to compete in mobile games across 3,000+ game studios.
Alibaba CloudAs the cloud computing arm and a business unit of Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA), Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to help power and grow your business. Alibaba Cloud ranks as the third largest public cloud services provider globally and is the leading cloud provider in the China market.
Hilton HotelsIn spite of the impending Marriott-Stwarwood merger, Hilton Hotels is still one of the behemoths of the hotel industry and remains one of the most well-known hospitality companies in the world. … Around the world, Hilton manages 3,843 hotels with 596,765 rooms
Frankie and Benny’sThe Restaurant Group Plc (TRG) is a significant player in the UK casual dining market, operating over 500 restaurants and pubs which include Frankie and Benny’s, Chiquito, Coast to Coast, Garfunkel’s, Firejacks, Brunning & Price and Joe’s Kitchen. We also operate a concession business which trades over 60 outlets across more than 30 brands, primarily in UK airports.
Littman JewelersA trusted fine jewelry retailer for over a century‚ Littman Jewelers is one of the largest jewelers in America today with over 70 stores throughout the Eastern United States.
MicrosoftMicrosoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services.
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New Zealand
Murdock LondonOur barber shops on London’s most iconic streets offer a contemporary, luxury take on the traditional barbershop experience. The first Murdock barbershop opened on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch. Over ten years, we have created tailored grooming services, inspired by British traditions, perfectly suited to the modern urban man.
MSC CruisesMSC Cruises, part of the MSC Group is the Swiss-based, world’s largest privately-owned cruise line and brand market leader in Europe, South America and South Africa, sailing year-round in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Seasonal itineraries cover northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, Cuba and the French Antilles, South America, southern Africa, China and Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman.
ShopbopShopbop is unique selection of items from internationally renowned and emerging brands. A trusted, globally recognized fashion merchant, Shopbop sells only quality, authentic designer merchandise. Shopbop is part of the Inc. group of companies.
ViberViber Out allows you to call non-Viber numbers through your Viber app. With Viber Out you can call any number (landline or mobile) at low competitive rates.

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Alfresco :Alfresco Holidays Experience quality family mobile home holidays on 73 of Europe’s favourite parks for luxury camping in France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Holland, or Austria.
Chowbus : Chowbus is a food delivery App that focuses on providing high quality and most authentic food to customers all over the United States.
Hanah : HANAH’s mission is to preserve ancient traditions and adapt them into remedies for modern living.
Noni NewAge To sustain health and fight disease.
At Your Pace Pre license training courses
Algenist : Luxury skincare line
Bluebella : For Women
Deal Parade : An American E-commerce Daily Deal site
InstaRem : Overseas Money Transfer
Lucky Voice : Karaoke
Moodo : Stylish aroma diffuser
My Sky Moment : Personalized star map
Smarter Loan : Financial Services
Snoozer : Pet Products
Waft : Perfumes

Microsoft Corporation

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Future Learn LtdPearson EducationQuick Start
John Academy


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Armani Hotel DubaiFrankie & Benny (UK)HiltonHotels


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Fare BuzziWayTrip


City BeachGood Sam Roadside AssistanceGood Sam Travel Assist
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MSC CruisesAlfresco Holidays

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Azimuth (Insurance)Smarter LoanRental Cover
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One Condoms from US
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Cruelty-Free and Vegan Nail Color. Award-Winning Nail Treatments and Nail Care. Professional Gel Nail Color and Home of the Game-Changing ORLY GELFX Builder In a Bottle.
Gift & Flowers, Gifts, health & Beauty, Bath/Body, Cosmetics, Home & Living, Bed/Bath
Shipping & Availability : Canada, United States
Oxygen Plus from US
Health & Beauty, Vitamins,Sports & Fitness,Clothing,Equipment,
Miscellaneous,Other, Other Products/Services,Medical Supplies & Services
Shipping & Availability : United States

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Firstcry is the Asia’s Largest Online Portal for Baby and Kids Products. The portal has over 90000+ items from the top brands like Mattel, Pigeon, Funskool, Hotwheels, Nuby, Pampers, Disney, Barbie, Gerber, Fisher Price, Mee Mee and many more.The company’s mission is to provide best of the products/brands at the lowest prices with great online shopping experience, free shipping and Prompt customer service. 

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Cruelty Free Skincare from The Body Shop

Explore our Vegan beauty products, having hundreds of Skincare, Make-up, Hair care, and Bath & Body products, inspired by nature & forever against animal testing.

The Body Shop is an iconic British retail brand with an extensive and growing global presence. It now employs more than 22,000 people in over 60 countries around the world. It has exported innovative products, campaigns that matter, an ethical approach to business and its unique English irreverence to countries all over the globe.

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Singapore’s leading online lifestyles and groceries shopping site. EAMART offer FREE Delivery with NO Minimum Purchase. A wide range of products available. Start shopping today!

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EAMart is a fast-growing Online Grocery & Lifestyle Shopping Website in Singapore that offer FREE Deliver with No Minimum Purchase. EAMart has its own warehouse and a large fleet of delivery vehicles; operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with daily delivery from 7 a.m – 10 p.m.

EAMart has a wide-categories of products, such as; Baby & Child, Beverages, Health & Beauty, Household, Stationery, Supplements, Electronics, Pets, Rice, Noodles & Oil and many more. EAMart also has Culture Category tailored for the Japanese, Korean, Halal, Indian, and the Vietnamese.

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Dreambly is an all-in-one laundry product that replaces your detergent, softener, dryer sheets, and any other laundry products you may use. Dreambly® has created the World’s FIRST 100% Organic All-in-1 Wash+Dry Laundry Sheets!

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It’s an All-in-1 Wash+Dry laundry sheet. And the best part is Dreambly® sheets are 100% ORGANIC, BIODEGRADABLE SHEET THAT CLEANS, WHITENS, BRIGHTENS, AND SOFTENS.

One pack of Dreambly® sheets will totally replace shelves of your traditional laundry products in your home.

No more dangerous, toxic and harmful chemicals for your clothes, machine, loved ones and pets. No more measuring and figuring out how much of what product to use.

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Dr. Brandt Skincare provides the best anti aging line with skincare products for flawless and younger looking skin. Take the doctor home to look and feel your absolute best HERE

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Pores NO MORE! || Heal & Conceal Pores for Good – Elle Leary Artistry

A cult favorite for six years, pores no more® pore refiner primer is Dr. Brandt’s quick fix for flawless, photo-ready skin at any age and during any season. This miracle base creates the perfect canvas for your makeup application. It acts as an invisible barrier to prevent makeup from clogging pores and as a velvety primer to absorb excess oil and blur fine lines and imperfections while improving the longevity of makeup.

Skin Care Products
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Best SellersGifts


Creating safe, dermaceutical formulas to help pave the way for healthy aging. By merging science and cutting edge delivery systems, we create products that are effective and deliver on the promise of long lasting results at home.

A hand-picked team of interdisciplinary experts including top dermatologists, nutritionists, plastic surgeons, geneticists, clinical estheticians and derma-phycologists to enhance and grow our brand’s knowledge base.

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Pet Supplies: Flea and Tick, Heart wormer Treatment at Low Price from CanadaPetCare

CanadaPetCare is one of the leading pet care supplies retailers for cheap dog & cat preventatives. Visit online to order best flea control & treatment for dogs, joint guard and other diseases related pet supplies.

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Online Pet Supplies Store

CanadaPetCare is your trusted online supplier for the best cat and dog heart worming products, intestinal worming products, flea and tick treatments, pet supplements and pet accessories. We offer a wide range of top quality vet recommended flea control treatments for dogs and cats at discounted prices. You can buy genuine brand name products like Frontline Plus, Revolution, Program Plus, Sentinel Spectrum, Advantage, K9 Advantix and many more online knowing that every purchase is backed by our “Moneyback guarantee”.

Latest Updates

  • by Jesse McDaniel
    Get all prepped up, because Cyber Monday is almost here! This is the day where you can purchase as many products as you can without worrying about going over your budget. Cyber Monday is for all those techno-savvy consumers who love online shopping. Besides, if you have furry pals at home, you’ll need to be […] The post Cyber Monday Sale – Discounts, Offers and Crazy Deals on Pet Supplies! appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    Along with season of festivities, USA is also getting an advantageous season of discounts. After numerous opportunities to save on pet supplies, Canada Pet Care has come with yet another sale of Cyber Monday. Monday that comes after Thanksgiving Day is termed as Cyber Monday which was coined by Ellen Davis and has been in […] The post Season Of Savings Continue @ Canada Pet Care – Cyber Monday Discount of 20% On All Pet Supplies! appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    The year-long wait of grabbing pet supplies at lowest prices is finally over! Friday following the Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America is termed as Black Friday, and it has arrived! On this day bargain hunters try to grab the best deals and save on their shopping experiences before the festive season takes […] The post Annual Shopping Bonanza @ Canada Pet Care- Grab Black Friday Deals & SAVE! appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    When it comes to fleas and ticks, pet parents are often in a quandary as to which product is right for their beloved pets. Cats are extremely mysterious creatures. And even if your kitty acts like she doesn’t need any help, she won’t mind the occasional cuddles and love. Giving an effective flea and tick […] The post Cat Care Guide: Comparison Between Frontline Plus And Capstar For Cats appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    Thanks giving days are full of celebration, fun and gratitude. The prayers and the festivities please every eye and fills in all appetites but it may not be the same for your pet. Your cat or dog may not enjoy the fun time as they may accidentally step on the decorations or eat stuff that […] The post Pet Parent Guide: Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Pets appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    Thanksgiving Day is just a few days away and it is that time of the year where you are looking forward to a holiday season to begin. But in this hustle and bustle, it is important that you do not forget about your furry friends. In addition to this, as a pet owner it is […] The post Thanksgiving Day Super Sale with 20% Discount on All Pet Care Supplies appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    Everyone is aware of different breeds of dogs. However, have you ever wondered what kind of dog parent are you? Every pet parent has a different technique for raising their furry buddy. Some prefer to keep their dogs active and on their toes while others would rather just sit and chill with their furry pals. […] The post What Kind Of Pet Parent Are You? appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    Cancer is a terrifying reality for pet-parents. Every year more than 12 million dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer. It can be heart-wrenching to be informed that your dog has cancer because cancer is much more than a disease. A variety of factors is responsible to cause cancer, which we cannot control, such as […] The post Pet Cancer Awareness Month: Holistic Treatment for Dogs with Cancer appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    With the thanksgiving setting in, it is the start of holiday season. It is that part of the year which everyone is eagerly waiting for. Moreover, it is the best time to make friends, family and pets feel special. The holiday season is the time to buy gifts for our loved ones and our furry […] The post 2020 Holiday Season Sale – Earn Big Deals & Discounts on Pet Supplies @CanadaPetCare appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    With different natural shades of orange, yellow, and golden of fall, there also comes a day when your home gets camouflaged with the nature. That day is Halloween, when the lantern and bonfires glow yellow, pumpkins exude an orange tinge and the bobbling apples throw their red. This day of trick and treating is celebrated […] The post No Tricks, Only Treats On This Halloween At CanadaPetCare- Get 12% OFF On All Pet Supplies! appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.

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Pet Supplies & Pet Care Products from BudgetPetWorld

Buy Pet Supplies and Pet Products online. Budget Pet World offers branded dog supplies and cats supplies with lots of savings.

BudgetPetWorld only sells trusted name brands products such as Frontline Plus, Advantage, Nexgard, Bravecto, Advantage Multi, Revolution, K9 Advantix, Capstar, Program Plus and many more from companies like Merial, Novartis and Bayer. We source genuine products at much discounted prices and pass maximum savings to our customers.

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Latest Updates

  • by admin
    The once and only Thanksgiving Sale from BudgetPetWorld is ready to kick off. Our furry friends have always mused us with their unconditional love, loyalty, playfulness, and companionship.
  • by admin
    The month of November is known as National Pet Cancer Awareness Month and it’s the ideal time to let others know about the importance and significance of this crucial month.
  • by admin
    TREATS! COSTUMES! DECORATIONS! And PETS around is all fun. Being a pet parent, you would never miss to add your furry friend to the celebrations. And, if you’re looking for ways to bring more fun to your pet this Halloween, get set spooking. CREEPILY, there are unique ways to combine your love of furry pal with Halloween.
  • by admin
    Fleas and ticks are literally everywhere; on the dog, in the house, around the environment, etc. Due to this, it becomes imperative to take required measures for protecting dogs from such parasites. Frontline Plus is one such product that is highly effective against fleas and ticks.
  • by admin
    As National Pet Wellness Month is nearing, let’s all pet parents get on the verge and tune in for their pet’s wellness. It’s always a good thing if you’re doing everything you can to keep your fur babies happy and healthy, no matter which life stage they belong too
  • by admin
    Fleas and ticks are the most common issue faced by dogs and their pet parents and oral treatments are arguably the best choice to combat such pests. While there are several oral treatments that do an excellent job at treating and preventing fleas and ticks, there has always been a tight tussle between Bravecto and Nexgard.
  • by admin
    Getting rid of fleas and ticks is not an easy task. You can experiment all you want, but these parasites won’t leave your dog unless you pick the right treatment. Thus, to protect the dog from fleas and ticks, it’s imperative to control both indoor and outdoor environment. A home remedy certainly won’t be enough to remove all the fleas.
  • by admin
    Every day, more and more people are adopting a pet, which increases the importance of their existence in human lives. Humans are emotional beings, and so are pets. Therefore, they bond well together. It has proven repeatedly how pets have enhanced our life, and how they make our lives wholesome. A pet helps you in various ways, and in this blog, we’re talking about the importance of pets in human life.
  • by admin
    The current and ongoing global pandemic in the form of the coronavirus has caused immense unrest and turmoil all around the world.In lieu of this, online shopping has become the main source of our shopping for essentials and other stuff, and that includes shopping for our pets.
  • by admin
    Heartworm infection in dogs is a serious and fatal disease. Not only is this disease life-threatening, but they are also very expensive when it comes to treating it.

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Latest Updates

  • by Alan William
    BudgetPetCare – is a one-stop-shop for all of your pet supplies. Whether you have a furry friend like a dog or a cat, or birdies to cherish the mornings or horses in the barn, BudgetPetCare is all here with incredible deals. This Black Friday 2020 – the leading pet supplies online store doesn’t disappoint you […] The post BudgetPetCare Black Friday 2020 Sale – It’s Show Time – Grab The Deals appeared first on
  • by Alan William
    Thanksgiving is a special occasion wherein you spend it with your loved ones and talk about the things you’ve been thankful for. It has been celebrated in America for ages now, and it continues to be one of the biggest occasions in the world. And speaking of loved ones, be sure to include your beloved […] The post How To Enjoy A Safe Thanksgiving With Your Pets? appeared first on
  • by Alan William
    So, you just find out that your dog is badly infested with fleas. Now, what next? Well, first of all, you need to stay calm and composed. Fleas and ticks are certainly harmful to dogs, but there’s no reason to panic about it. Every other dog gets infested with fleas and ticks, sometimes because your […] The post Immediate Steps to Take When You got to know your pet has flea and tick appeared first on
  • by Alan William
    If you are a dog parent, you know how expensive it is to take care of your furry buddy. The cost incurred on taking good care of them is huge and many cannot afford it. But fret not, because we’re about to shed light on how one can cut down on their costs and at […] The post How To Cut Down On Your Costs Whilst Taking Good Care Of Your Dog? appeared first on
  • by Alan William
    We as dog-parents always remain updated with any new product in the market. And, where we know what issues these parasites cause in life, it is always a bliss to get a one-stop-solution treatment instead of purchasing different treatments for different parasites. So, here’s some good news for dog parents. Simparica Trio a brand new […] The post All You Need To Know About Simparica Trio For Dogs appeared first on
  • by Alan William
    Pet parents love their pets more than anything! They always want best for their dogs, thus want to provide them with the most effective monthly treatments. However, considering the pricing and other factors, buying monthly treatments can take a toll on pet parents. To help pet parents keep their pets healthy without burning a hole […] The post Best Generic Heartgard Plus treatments Available in Market for Dogs appeared first on

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Perfume World : Buy Fragrances Online

Perfume World is the premier online fragrance destination where you can discover seasonal trends, gain access to private sales, expert trend reports, and unrivaled fragrance advice. Our massive collection of fragrances hugely surpasses what you could find at any individual shop. We also offer reviews of all of the perfumes we stock, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. As a result, first-time shoppers and the most discerning connoisseurs can both find just the right scent at a surprisingly low price.


Perfumedotcom has been America’s #1 place to buy discount perfumes online since 1995. We stock more than 7,000 women’s and men’s fragrances, all of them deliverable to your door within just days. Our broad selection of perfumes and colognes includes celebrity scents, gift sets, top sellers, hard-to-find fragrances, specialty samples, new releases, and even discontinued brands. By buying your next bottle of fragrance online with us, you can save up to 70% off of retail prices, 365 days a year.

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Bluebella Lingerie – US

Bluebella award winning, fashion-led lingerie and nightwear collections designed to redefine sensuality. Highly wearable, seductive and affordable.

Bluebella is a fashion led, lingerie and nightwear brand, designed in-house at their London office. The collections have a directional and exciting signature look, that reflects the strength and femininity of the Bluebella woman, with an aesthetic that is redefining sensuality. Taking inspiration from the catwalk, the designs often have a provocative edge and are created at a price point that makes it highly accessible within the marketplace. The collections embody the spirit and style of the Bluebella woman.

The directional designs aim to challenge the classic lingerie shapes, to create lingerie that is wearable but fashion led. This is a fashion lingerie brand designed primarily for the 18 – 35 age group, but is also worn by every woman who believes that age is most definitely just a number.

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Latest Updates

  • by Bluebella Blog
    We caught up with our Autumn Winter campaign star over Zoom a couple of weeks after the shoot when Anais was down in Dorset at her boyfriend’s smallholding, where she spent a lot of lockdown (accidentally, as it turned out). Very much not following in the footsteps of her famously partying parents Anais divides her time between London and the countryside, studying Photography at Camberwell College of Arts and helping with the goats and sheep when she is in Dorset. We asked Anais twenty quickfire questions, covering everything from the future of fashion to cucumber martinis, which sound completely delicious […]
  • by Bluebella Blog
    Although London Fashion Week is planning on going ahead this September the programming has mostly shifted to digital showings, with over 50% of the participants this year working solely on digital platforms. This couldn’t be more different to Fashion Weeks of the past, when the capital was full of shows, designers, and those all-important influencers working their street style outside of the venues. We wanted to mark this hugely important week in the Fashion calendar in our own socially-distant yet very Bluebella way…and who better to walk our runway than our lockdown superstars, Blue and Bella? Catori & Sawyer Blue […]
  • by Bluebella Blog
    CEO and Founder Emily Bendell challenges the Garrick Club’s male-only members policy The Garrick Club is nestled in the heart of Covent Garden, London’s vibrant and exciting theatreland. It is a monument to the arts, literature, and sophisticated society, founded in 1831 with the express purpose of functioning as a meeting place for creative minds, where “patrons of the drama and its professors were to be brought together”. That is, as long as those patrons and professors are men. Read the Times article here The Garrick Club has a male-only membership policy, with women only permitted to attend as guests […]
  • by Bluebella Blog
    Hands up if you love a personality quiz! 🙋‍ Whether it’s finding out what Disney character you are or what kind of capital city best suits you (we’re London through and through) there’s nothing more fun and nostalgic than counting up those As, Bs and Cs. So we thought we’d drop a treat into your inboxes, with our very own Bluebella personality quiz. Who will you be…? THE QUIZ Your wardrobe is mostly full of… 👗 Dresses and wrap-around skirts in silk and lace Black jeans, crisp white shirts – monochrome chic that looks and feels expensive Animal print and […]
  • by Bluebella Blog
    Instagram is an amazing place, connecting people (and their cats – the unofficial animal of the internet) all over the world in what can often be a fun and supportive online community. It is a place for people to showcase their art, to campaign for social justice, and to celebrate the things they love, whether that is food, film, fashion or anything else you can possibly think of! When it comes to lingerie influencers and body positivity, Instagram leads the pack with an incredible range of beautiful people using their platforms to promote self-love, strong body image and beautiful lingerie! […]
  • by Bluebella Blog
    Sun-soaked, dreamy and beautifully styled, @tamiablue is the account to follow if you like to fill your Instagram feed with lovely things. Just twenty-one years old, Tamia is a visual artist living her best life in Los Angeles, and when she’s not creating stunning canvases or taking pics of her beautiful cat child Moo she’s serving us some serious looks. We LOVE these two totally different outfits, created with the Sana Chemise. First up, this super-soft, feminine skirt ensemble. This look works beautifully with the delicacy of the chemise, and we love the lush pink palette of the whole picture. […]
  • by Bluebella Blog
    The popularity of hosiery has never diminished, however our love of hosiery has been gaining powerful momentum in recent months, something we have witnessed first-hand here at Bluebella, with a 92% lift in sales in 2020 from our site. Our legs have never looked so stylishly chic! So just how did stockings, suspenders and their hosiery counterparts become intertwined with fashion and luxury and when did their surge in popularity begin? The origins of hosiery stretch far back in time with a compelling and diverse history. From undergarments built to confine and restrict the female form to the current […]
  • by Bluebella Blog
    This day has been a long time coming! After months of staying indoors with the shutters down, London’s famous bars and restaurants are finally getting some sunshine with the easing of lockdown restrictions in the capital. Here at Bluebella we wanted to celebrate this day, and in true #fashion form we decided to throw a little surprise catwalk through the heart of the city. Launching our Dare To Bare body positive campaign, strutting in Soho never felt so good! The models were cast from our Instagram, with women from all walks of life joining us in their best lingerie looks […]
  • by Bluebella Blog
    BACKYARD FESTIVAL So this summer is going to be a little different, and one thing we’ll be missing is the sights, sounds and big crowds of festival season 💔 Although nothing can beat Beyoncé on the Glastonbury mainstage, all is not lost – you can bring that festival feel to your very own balcony, garden, or corner of the local park. Glastonbury 2019, Oli Scarff / AFP / Getty Festivals are places of excess and self-expression, a chance to try something new and to make memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime. They’re magical places of reinvention, where the rules of […]
  • by Bluebella Blog
    ✨ MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN ✨ Whether you take it seriously or not, you’ve almost certainly heard of astrology. The study of the movements and positions of what are known as “celestial bodies” in the biz (that’s planets and stars to the rest of us), astrology has seen a recent reignition of enthusiasm. Although an ancient practice thought to have originated thousands of years ago in Babylon, you’re now likely to see astrological signs adorning wall art, candles and even socks. Zodiac wheel from Wikipedia The simplest way to engage with astrology is to know your sun sign, or the […]

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Bio Topic-Hair Care

100% Drug free formulas for combating hair loss and DHT. Natural Solutions, backed by science. Naturally formulated with over 27 hair boosting ingredients clinically shown to improve hair growth and help reverse thinning hair. Biotopic® dramatically improves the appearance and feeling of thicker looking hair with powerful nutrients, vitamins and essential oils Based on 1725 review we got 4.5 stars out of 5.

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Latest Updates

  • by Alexis Ginas
    Postpartum hair loss got you down? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Being a new mom is tough enough. Sleepless nights, sore breasts, a baby that won’t stop crying, and a new body you’re still getting used to. It doesn’t seem fair that women have to cope with hair loss after pregnancy, or telogen effluvium and telogen gravidarum, as well. The bad news is yes, it sucks. The good news is your hair will grow back. In the meantime, there are plenty of natural treatments and solutions to help ease the journey. If your hair is falling out faster than […]
  • by Alexis Ginas
    So you’re losing your hair. Your head might not shine like hot wax on a Buick just yet, but you're getting there.Thinning hair happens to all of us at some point. By the time many people hit 40-years-old, they will have experienced some type of hair loss. But that doesn’t mean you have to take it lying down. The most proactive thing you can do is address your changing hairline. New ingredients are constantly being introduced to the market, some with serious potential. One of them in particular is the common pea sprout. Pea Sprouts, the Secret to Hair Growth? […]
  • by Alexis Ginas
    Accepting your hair loss can be frustrating. A lush, thick head of hair signals virility, strength, power, and youth. But just because you lost some hair, doesn’t mean you can’t regrow it.  If you’re a man losing your hair, there are remedies. And no we’re not talking about some of those crazy internet concoctions like applying ginger or cayenne pepper to your head. Luckily, there are natural and organic solutions with clinically proven ingredients that offer an alternative to damaging chemicals.   If comb overs aren’t your thing, read on to find out what you can do.   Act Now If […]
  • by Jessica Rodriguez
    When we first notice that bald spot in the mirror or start finding hair on our pillow or even in our dinner, we’ll do almost anything to stop and reverse what's happening. We’ll reach for any product that claims to give us the head of hair we had when we were a 15, but do you really know what’s inside that bottle? Is the end results (a fuller head of hair) really worth all the hardships that come with it? Here we’re going to discuss three of the most common hair loss treatments and what they are actually providing on […]
  • by Biotopic Team
      If you told me a year ago that my whole world would revolve around my hair, I would be laughing. My entire life, I had a full head of hair, so at the ripe age of 31, hair loss was very far from my vocabulary, but life has its own twisted sense of humor. I’d be laughing even harder if you told me that natural products could not only prevent my hair loss but also promote new hair growth, but Mother Nature has some of her own tricks up her sleeves. I couldn’t be bothered by the increasing amount […]
  • by Biotopic Team
      Too many of us are declared caffeine addicts in these fast-paced times. In fact, according to an online survey carried out by the National Coffee Association, 83% of adults in the US drink coffee. But is caffeine consumption to blame for hair loss? That is the question that scientists associated with the International Journal of Dermatology (IJD) asked themselves, and the answer is absolutely not.In fact, caffeine has the completely opposite effect! A recent study carried out by the IJD suggests caffeine reverses the effects of androgenetic alopecia or AGA (a.k.a: hair thinning and hair loss), a condition which […]
  • by Jessica Rodriguez
    Just when you thought all hope was lost like the hair on top of your head, the following tips and secrets may be the answers you’ve been dying to find. Many of your daily habits may be the cause of your hair loss, while some surprising routines are hair regrowth friendly. Minoxidil, finasteride, and several prescription/over-the-counter hair loss supplements may bring you some sort of results, but they also come along with several negative side effects. Wouldn’t it be great to get the results without the hassle? Well, nature has some hidden secrets to your success if you look hard […]
  • by Biotopic Team
    An ancient palm tree, the cure for hair loss?The benefits of a berry used for centuries by Native Americans. They say that good things come in small packages, and that is the case with Saw Palmetto. This short and dense fan palm tree (also known by his scientific name, Serenoa repens) is native to southeastern North America, where the warm weather constitutes an ideal environment for it to thrive. The resilient plant grows in clusters, measuring up to 10 feet high and is known for its longevity. it can live to be a whopping 700 years old! Its fruit, however, […]
  • by Alexis Ginas
    What is the male pattern baldness process and why does it just influence a few people? There are individuals who will age and not experience the ill effects of male pattern baldness, while there are other people who may get to be distinctly bare by age 30. So what is the distinction? Since such a variety of things can prompt to balding it isn't the most straightforward question to reply. Be that as it may, everybody will lose some hair consistently. It's felt that the normal is around 100 strands of hair individuals will lose every day. On the off […]
  • by Alexis Ginas
    When you're a female and you experience the ill effects of balding, you need to comprehend what some female male pattern baldness medications are accessible. Leading it will rely on upon why you are losing your hair. You can go and purchase herbs that will help, however you have to know whether you have an awkwardness in your hormones. There are numerous different reasons, so you can't treat for hormone issues if something else is bringing about the issues. Clearly they wouldn't work so discover the primary driver and see a specialist. Be that as it may, here are a […]

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Sally Beauty is the world’s largest retailer of salon-quality hair color, hair care, nails, salon, and beauty supplies. Sally Beauty provides everything you need for salon-quality results at home, and salon professionals the high-quality products they need for their clients. Shop now

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Largest Spa Travel Company

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UK’s leading spa booking agency, providing spa days and breaks for everybody and occasion. A pioneer in the industry, works to make spas more accessible and make wellness more personal.

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Give someone special the gift of ‘spa-time by choosing one of three gift voucher types.

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Spas for all, come rain or shine

Perfect Alfresco Spas

If the weather is glorious, you can’t beat an alfresco spa. Here are some fantastic options if you want to get outside and relax in the sunshine.

Rainy Day Escapes

Despite having some record breaking heat waves this summer, we all know how unpredictable the British weather can be. We have handpicked some of our luxury spas for you to get cosy in and and enjoy whatever the weather.

Latest Offer

Discount: 5% off online bookings
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In addition to these codes, we are offering 1 in 10 guests go free for group spa bookings of 10 guests or more.

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