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Nepotism in India

India has been dominated by nepotism as from politics to Bollywood the youngsters who are far more talented than star kids hardly get a chance in the field,mainly because the don’t have the tag of being relatives or children of celebrities. Certainly, we need a voice to raise against all this but we all know the internal parts of politics are also participants of this toxic practice and culture.

Nepotism is the act of using power or influence to get unfair advantages for members of ones family.

We believe that the star kids know the who’s and how’s of a particular field. In between we tend to forget that hierarchy doesn’t ensure intelligence or talent.

There are many factors that form the reason of political nepotism, especially in a country like India. The first being it’s citizens. Illiteracy, poverty and prevalence of Varna system which states that only son of a priest becomes the priest. It is found to be easiest way to choose the representative. An attraction of luxurious life which parties enjoy after winning makes them helpless to work hard to do their best before elections and to achieve hierarchical domination prevailing.

Corruption can’t be controlled if nepotism continues to prevail. Every one should be given a fair chance to achieve new heights. The hurdle of nepotism should be removed so that everybody gets a fair chance to rise in life.