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Modern Surgery-A new way to sustain life

With the advent of new era, new discoveries and advancing technology, medicine is constantly evolving. Features of modern surgery for instance, Successful hand transplant and the repair of a congenital defect in a foetus is still evident in medical sciences.

Advances in technology has a far-reaching effect, providing a glimpse of what might happen in the future. Invasive and robot aided and computer surgery allow delicate and complex surgeries to be done with accuracy and precision. Now,surgery has become safer and recovery period has also reduced. We can also observe the dynamic role of robots in surgery.

Future of robots can be witnessed in recent Advances in biomedical engineering which has led to surgeries through robots. Sooner or later robots may act as surgeons, assistants during operations. On the other hand, computer aided brain surgery has the capability of brain tumour in a patient. Using laser intergrated into the microscope a surgeon can locate and destroy the tumour.

Main feature of Robotic technology is Robotic hands.The hand is converted into a normal hand covered with artificial skin, powered by energy generated by tendons in the upper arm.The modern surgery has made everything possible, a miracle of real life with artificial sources has come true.