Frontline Workers at Columbia Asia Hospital Receive First COVID 19 Jab with Pride Leading the Vaccine Drive

Patiala, January 21, 2021: With the largest inoculation vaccine drive that started on Saturday, India has successfully administered the first jab of vaccine to lakhs of frontline workers. Two made-in-India vaccines, Covishield and Covaxin were administered to priority groups in the past 5 days. Thousands of people in Patiala received their first shot while others are awaiting their turn. 100 hospital staff at Columbia Asia Hospital Patiala including senior consultants received their first jab with pride and a sense of relief.

Senior Doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital Getting His 1st Dose of Vaccination

India which had seen a severe virus outbreak has rolled out the vaccine at the earliest among the other Asian countries. The vaccine has come as a sigh of relief for people and could aid in ending the COVID trauma experienced by people over the last 10 months.

Let’s understand all about the COVID-19 vaccination drive in India:

  • There are two made-in-India vaccines, Covishield, manufactured by Serum Institute and Covaxin, made by Bharat Biotech
  • Two doses will be injected within a gap of 28 days, the effectiveness will begin 14 days after the second dose
  • The vaccine has been introduced only after approval from the regulatory bodies. The authorities are making sure that the vaccines are kept at 2-8 degree Celsius during transit and storage
  • Possible side-effects include pain at the injection site, mild fever, fatigue, allergies, nausea, etc which can be relieved by simple medication
  • People with a previous history of Covid-19 infection, chronic diseases and comorbidities, immunodeficiency or HIV are considered safe to receive the vaccine
  • The vaccine will be given to 1 Crore private and public healthcare workers followed by 2 crore frontline administrative and municipal workers and people above the age of 50 years
  • Those who wish to register for the vaccine can do the same through CoWIN website using a government photo ID. Information on the allocated date and time will be sent to the given mobile number via an SMS

The recipients of the vaccine have been found to be safe without much side effects so far. While this vaccine administration is voluntary, it is recommended to take the vaccine for protection against COVID-19. Also, it is mandatory to wear mask and follow the COVID protocols like social distancing and washing or sanitising hands even after the vaccine has been administered.

India has the capability and experience in conducting massive vaccination drives in the past, the ongoing drive will also continue in the same manner with the support of the frontline workers and government officials. During these unprecedented times, the rollout of vaccination drive will certainly be a boon for the country in terms of effective health infrastructure and economic recovery.