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Hey there, and welcome to Paazy Club website dedicated to helping people achieve real financial freedom and helps others avoid scams online.

First time in industry, you get paid with word of mouth marketing.

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Get Paid to Advertisement and Referral. First social account to promote your business and get paid. Get remunerated for doing shopping from brands you care about. Every connection takes only a couple of moments.

Calculate your income with your tokens. Your income is converted with Indian Currency. Tokens are equal to 1 INR (Indian Rupees)

Paazy Local Search Engine

Shop and Advertise ( become featured advertiser) to get 10% cashback points. Shop and get cashback points. To select the shop, you need the brands at Paazy local search engine. Moreover you can earn referral income (as affiliate income) and convert them in points. Points can be redeem anytime. You can shop, with Points.

Note : Minimum $10 as Affiliate income can be cashed anytime.

Paazy Business Club

Here you generate the Tokens. Token is generated through Points(from Paazy local search engine), advertising and affiliate. You can generate 10% cashback tokens. Moreover you can convert your affiliate income with Tokens.

Keep more tokens in your account and get higher share of profit of Worldwide sale.

What to do?

Create Your Profile : Once registered, click on Community in Menu Section and edit your profile with photo and cover images.

Register FREE at Paazy Local Search Engine and add your business there. And don’t forget to join Affiliate program. Promote local business and start earning. Read opportunity page for more information.

Catalogue : Select an product and shop. Pay regular installment on time and enhance your limit. Get cashback tokens on your sale. Promote our Catalogue.

Know Trade Partners: Know our trade partners product and services. Moreover you can promote business from Paazy Local Search Engine.

Activity : Post unlimited text ads as your offer & deals of your existing business or from our trade partners.

Share your Profile : Share your profile on other social media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn.

Add friends or clients : Add friends to teach or promote our catalogue or trade partners products and services.

Message : Start conversation with your friends or clients and share our trade partners product and services with copy and paste method.

Become Bronze Associate : Get paid on every sale either you sell or site sells.

Grow Your Tokens : Your tokens start growing by completing the task and our trade partners sale through us.

Promote Products and Services in different Categories.

Here Points are converted to Token

Introducing Token to track your activity

Activity Tracker

To track your activity we have created Token. Tokens are paid on purchase of advertising pack and referring other. Following such a programmed offer Pay Technique permits, our client to more buy and remunerated with Token. One Token is equal 1 ( Indian Rupees)

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Get Paid with Tokens

Get Paid with Tokens

Tokens are changed over to Indian Rupees() . What’s more, Many companies has approved us, as their marketing channel partner. So we generate revenue through our Trade Partners Sale and Advertisement. You can select your country USA, Canada, UK, Australia and India & Others to shop and save.

Local : We have created a Paazy Local Search Engine to promote local business. Here business owner can register FREE and promote. Start advertising and become VIP as featured merchants. Start loyalty program to increase and boost your sale.

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We share our profit to our Token generator. Ready to get share of profit of worldwide sale. Join us today.

Note : Tokens can be checked in your profile and footer section of the site. To update your profile reach to Menu section at Community tab.

Understanding Ranks and token Required

Who you are?

Here user are divided into two categories or role. Associate and Shopping Consultant. Associate are the shopping lovers, who only Shop and Save. But Shopping Consultant do recommend products and services here. Shopping lovers are every where, so we say all user are Associate. We have five type of Associate Program. Associate starts with 1 Token. Start your career as Associate.

Diamond Associate 10000000.00000 - 0.00000

Gold Associate 1000000.00000 - 9999999.00000

Silver Associate 250000.00000 - 999999.00000

Bronze Associate 50000.00000 - 249999.00000

Super Associates 1000.00000 - 49999.00000

Associate 1.00000 - 999.00000

Let’s build New Community

Points : To track your activity we have created Points at Paazy Local Search Engine. You pay with USD and we exchange with INR to read the value. Points are paid as cashback on purchase of advertising packand referring others to become feature merchants.

Here, there are two types of Joining, Free user and Feature merchants (VIP as advertising program). On every shopping, with our local feature merchants, you are eligible for cashback. Before shopping at the local merchant, ask for cashback. If he says yes, then shop. Just tell them your username and they will pay loyalty points. We have two types of feature merchant categories.

  • OTP : Online Trade Partner, The company who has approved us as marketing channel partner. Reach to the profile page of the company and click on his official website to shop & save.
  • STP : Store or Shop Trade Partner, who provide cash back Loyalty Points on shopping. Reach to their store and shop, Do needful purchasing, get loyalty points.

Once you reached 3000 points, just write us and we shall convert them in token here.

Note : Achieve higher Rank and get more share of profit Worldwide sale.

Types of Income

There are main six categories. Associate, Super Associate, Bronze Associate, Silver Associate, Gold Associate and Diamond Associate.

Associate Cashback

Whenever you avail any services or shop, you get cashback as Token. 1-999 token holders are Associate. And you are entitled to get 2% Associate bonus.

Super Associate

Paazy Stint program is unique. You can generate 6% additional bonus income.

Minimum Tokens: 1000
Maximum Tokens: 49999

Generate more tokens with following methods

Instance Amount Limit
Tokens for clicking on link to: %url% 0.00010 -

Affiliate Tokens

Whenever you refer and your referral purchase or shop in this Club, you get 5% as referral Income.

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Bronze Associate

Pool Income

Minimum 50000 tokens required to achieve Bronze Associate level. Maintaining your Bronze Associate level and get more cashback tokens, helps you to generate 10% addition as Bronze bonus.

Silver Associate

You need minimum 250000 Tokens to get Silver bonus. Silver bonus gives you 14% as Silver bonus. Which help you to meet travel expenditure.

Gold Associate

You need minimum 1000000 Tokens to get Gold bonus. Gold Associate gives you 18% as Gold bonus. Which help you to achieve your dream Car.

Diamond Associate

You need minimum 10000000 Tokens to get Diamond bonus. Diamond bonus gives you 24% as Diamond bonus. Which help you to achieve Dream House.

Redeem Your Tokens

Now it is very easy to redeem your tokens. You can buy a product or avail our services. Now you can redeem your tokens with following method. Moreover you can also redeem in your bank account. But you have to pay Administration, Processing and TDS charges.


So Request minimum 1000 Token to redeem through our message center to @paazy. Members can register on our site to create user profiles, have private conversations, make social connections, create and interact in groups, and much more. Truly a social network in a box, Paazy helps you build a home for your company, school, sports team, or other niche community.

Once login, You can access our Private Pages to generate more tokens. Just complete the task and generate more token every time. For more information chat with @paazy

Which part of are you interested in? We have all the solution.

Create your Account at Paazy Club. Shop and get cashback tokens in your account.

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Group Traffic : Paazy Business Club have groups like India Shopping, US Shopping News, Canada Shopping News, UK Shopping, Australia, Shopping World, Travel News, Sensei Club, Entertainment, Financial World, Legal, Singapore and many more. Your website updates will be displayed at one group. So that you can get Group Traffic.

Term & Condition Apply for Group Traffic.