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Hey there, and welcome to Paazy Club website dedicated to helping people achieve real financial freedom and helps others avoid scams online.

First time in industry, you get paid with word of mouth marketing.

Get Paid to Advertisement and Referral. First social account to promote your business and get profit share. Get remunerated for doing shopping from brands you care about. Every connection takes only a couple of moments.

3D video explainer help you to understand the overview of Paazy Club. For more information continue to read more..

Here Points are known as Token

Introducing Token to track your activity

Activity Tracker

To track your activity we have created Token. Tokens are paid on purchase of advertising pack and referring other. Following such a programmed offer Pay Technique permits, our client to more buy and remunerated with Token. One Token is equal 1 ( Indian Rupees)

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Get Paid with Tokens

Get Paid with Super Points

Tokens are changed over to Indian Rupees() . What’s more, Many companies has approved us, as their marketing channel partner. So we generate revenue through our Trade Partners Sale and Advertisement. We share our profit to our Token generator. Ready to get share of profit of worldwide sale. Join us today.

Shop and Save

From our

We believe that everyone should be paid.

Let’s build New Community

Profit Sharing Pool

  • Either You sell or site sells. All generate the Share of Profit.
  • Maximum 35% of revenue from advertising and product sales are placed into the profit sharing pool. It also includes all sales of our trade partners. Every time shop and save with our trade partners so that share of profit become more big. Let’s build a community which assist in financial freedom around the world. Check the list of trade Partners.
  • In this 5% for silver members, 20% for Gold and 35% for Diamond members. Minimum 1000 token can be redeemed. 100 token are also available for free advertising to get 100 unique clicks.
  • Those funds are divided into the total number of token earned by all members. 

So Request minimum 1000 Token to redeem through our message center to @paazy. Members can register on our site to create user profiles, have private conversations, make social connections, create and interact in groups, and much more. Truly a social network in a box, Paazy helps you build a home for your company, school, sports team, or other niche community.

Once login, You can access our Private Pages to generate more tokens. Just complete the task and generate more token every time. For more information chat with @paazy

Which part of are you interested in? We have all the solution.

With our proven system, you can generate the life time income. So Time is Running! Never be late. Start Now….Join with Silver, Gold package or

Get Diamond Package

Get Unlimited Traffic to promote your business. Please update your profile, in footer section you can write your website address. Or Chat with @paazy

Diamond Monthly Subscription

₹ 2500 Per Month

Compare and Select the Advertising Packages.

Profile PageYesYesYesYes
Profile HighlightNoNoYesYes
Write ArticleNoYes (Approval)YesYes
Direct PaymentNoYesYesYes
Minimum Token0252450
Group Traffic NoNoYesYes
SellNoYesYes Yes
Share of ProfitNo5%20%35%
Generate LeadsNoNoLessMore
Build Your StoreNoNoNoYes
Teach OnlineNoNoNoYes
Create Your WebsiteNoNoYesYes
Payment ModeNAPAPMPM
Indian Rupees ₹Free1250/-1200/-2500/-
Yearly Mode 12000/-24000/-
Note : Build your store and Teach online are main services. If interested to have in your business brand name, it is possible with Silver and Diamond Package yearly mode payment. If interested to sell your content need minimum Silver Pack from Paazy Club and start content selling. At you can get complete store to sell unlimited products or Teach online. Teach online, is complete platform to create your courses, module, lesson and many more. For more detail you can chat with @paazy or consult with our Shopping Consultant.

Group Traffic : Paazy Business Club have groups like India Shopping, US Shopping News, Canada Shopping News, UK Shopping, Australia, Shopping World, Travel News, Sensei Club, Entertainment, Financial World, Legal, Singapore and many more. Your website updates will be displayed at one group. So that you can get Group Traffic.

Term & Condition Apply for Group Traffic.

Now you can pay in India with UPI.

Scan the code with Bhim, GPay, Mobikwik, Paytm, PhonePe many more.

Check the value of USD in your currency at XE.Com



How Profit Share Pool work?

Maximum 35% of revenue from advertising and product sales are placed into the profit sharing pool. It also includes all sales of our trade partners. Every time shop and save with our trade partners so that share of profit become more big. We calculate the Income of our club and distribute 5% for Silver members, 20% for Gold and 35% for Diamond members.

To understand the calculation you need to understand Tokens. With every advertisement package, we shall give you Token on every transaction. Say you have selected the Gold Package of ₹1200. So you shall get 24 tokens. As per profit share pool and package tenure you have selected, you shall get additional tokens in your account. Minimum 1000 token can be redeemed. 1 Token = 1

Where is Earn While You Surf Links on site?

Links can be found in sidebar widget with heading Earn While You Surf Links. Please visit daily and click first five Advertise daily. Please check this Video to solve your all inquiry. Click here to check this Video. It is in Hindi language but still you can understand. Don’t forget to like and subscribe the channel. And click the bell icon so that every time we post a video, it reaches you instantly.

How Club generate the income?

Paazy Club generate the income with Advertisement and Cost per action model. We have been already approved with top brands, as their marketing channel partner. So whenever the sale occurs through our Paazy Club, they pay us commission. You can check our Trade Partners at Direct Shopping page.

Top sites which pay you, life time income

As you know that your Token get paid with Super Points. With word of mouth or just sharing the link you can help Paazy club to generate more Super Points. You can share any link of Paazy.Club, Paazy.Com and Mysite, If sale occurs all Token holder can generate bigger share of profit. Share of profit is calculated based on monthly basis. Don’t forget to check our Trade Partners. So you can shop at our Trade Partner website and help us to generate More Super Points. Bookmark the Trade partner page and shop every time to generate income.

Keeping in mind that on Paazy Club, where all users can generate the life time income with their token and Super Points. Still want to know more, please reach to Opportunity Article.

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