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Affiliate Updates

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Paazy Affiliate Junction.

Is Affiliate program for every User?

No, Affiliate program is only for Customer and Super Affiliate.

Why it is not for all Paazy Club User?

Because we are looking for serious and genuine Associate. So that we can work together, Life Time. For more information please read How it Works?

How I can become Customer or Super Affiliate?

To join as a customer you need to avail our services. Startup is the right one to start. To start with Super Affiliate Click the blue color link..

Where I can find My Affiliate Link?

You can find the link at My Account Dashboard.

How to promote?

You can share the link to your all social media website like Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp.

Where I can Check my Affiliate Income?

You can check your Affiliate Income in your Paazy Profile Page. (User section)