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The best stock agency with millions of premium high-quality pictures: stock photos, royalty-free images, illustrations and vector art at affordable prices. Over 100 million high-quality royalty-free stock images and high-definition footage at the best prices to fill all your creative needs.

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Deposit photos — is a commercial platform that brings authors of high-quality licensed stock photos, graphics, vectors and videos together with appreciative buyers. Thanks to the efforts of talented professionals from all over the globe and our world-class technical solutions, we were able to build a perfect place to marry business with creativity.

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Top stock photo categories:

Architecture & BuildingArt Objects
Beauty FashionBusiness & Finance
Computer & ElectronicsConcepts
Fauna & FloraFood & Drink
Holidays & EventsIllustrations
Jewelry & GemsMedicine & Health
Signs & SymbolSport
TechnologyTexture & Background
ToolsTransport & Auto
TravelVintage & Retro

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Designer Jewellery from Daisy London

Designer of the iconic healing stone, chakra & daisy jewellery, Daisy London is known for its wellness focused fashion jewellery and contemporary designs for necklaces, bracelets, earrings & rings.

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Daisy London’s jewellery collections are borne out of a love for the beautiful and the exotic, out of a passion for travel and new adventures. Each collection carries a story inspired by meaningful symbols and is more than just an accessory.

Our jewellery is loved by Daisy girls all around the world, press and bloggers and has been spotted on countless celebrities, including our original Daisy cover girl, Cara Delevingne.

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Estee LalondeIsla
StackedHealing Stones
Nature’s WayHalo


Whether you’re soaking up the sunshine on a beach, sightseeing on a city break or dancing ’til dawn at a festival, pile on your jewellery wherever this summer takes you.

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Pet Supplies: Flea and Tick, Heart wormer Treatment at Low Price from CanadaPetCare

CanadaPetCare is one of the leading pet care supplies retailers for cheap dog & cat preventatives. Visit online to order best flea control & treatment for dogs, joint guard and other diseases related pet supplies.

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Online Pet Supplies Store

CanadaPetCare is your trusted online supplier for the best cat and dog heart worming products, intestinal worming products, flea and tick treatments, pet supplements and pet accessories. We offer a wide range of top quality vet recommended flea control treatments for dogs and cats at discounted prices. You can buy genuine brand name products like Frontline Plus, Revolution, Program Plus, Sentinel Spectrum, Advantage, K9 Advantix and many more online knowing that every purchase is backed by our “Moneyback guarantee”.

Latest Updates

  • by Jesse McDaniel
    The year-long wait of grabbing pet supplies at lowest prices is finally over! Friday following the Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America is termed as Black Friday, and it has arrived! On this day bargain hunters try to grab the best deals and save on their shopping experiences before the festive season takes […] The post Annual Shopping Bonanza @ Canada Pet Care- Grab Black Friday Deals & SAVE! appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    When it comes to fleas and ticks, pet parents are often in a quandary as to which product is right for their beloved pets. Cats are extremely mysterious creatures. And even if your kitty acts like she doesn’t need any help, she won’t mind the occasional cuddles and love. Giving an effective flea and tick […] The post Cat Care Guide: Comparison Between Frontline Plus And Capstar For Cats appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    Thanks giving days are full of celebration, fun and gratitude. The prayers and the festivities please every eye and fills in all appetites but it may not be the same for your pet. Your cat or dog may not enjoy the fun time as they may accidentally step on the decorations or eat stuff that […] The post Pet Parent Guide: Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Pets appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    Thanksgiving Day is just a few days away and it is that time of the year where you are looking forward to a holiday season to begin. But in this hustle and bustle, it is important that you do not forget about your furry friends. In addition to this, as a pet owner it is […] The post Thanksgiving Day Super Sale with 20% Discount on All Pet Care Supplies appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    Everyone is aware of different breeds of dogs. However, have you ever wondered what kind of dog parent are you? Every pet parent has a different technique for raising their furry buddy. Some prefer to keep their dogs active and on their toes while others would rather just sit and chill with their furry pals. […] The post What Kind Of Pet Parent Are You? appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    Cancer is a terrifying reality for pet-parents. Every year more than 12 million dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer. It can be heart-wrenching to be informed that your dog has cancer because cancer is much more than a disease. A variety of factors is responsible to cause cancer, which we cannot control, such as […] The post Pet Cancer Awareness Month: Holistic Treatment for Dogs with Cancer appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    With the thanksgiving setting in, it is the start of holiday season. It is that part of the year which everyone is eagerly waiting for. Moreover, it is the best time to make friends, family and pets feel special. The holiday season is the time to buy gifts for our loved ones and our furry […] The post 2020 Holiday Season Sale – Earn Big Deals & Discounts on Pet Supplies @CanadaPetCare appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    With different natural shades of orange, yellow, and golden of fall, there also comes a day when your home gets camouflaged with the nature. That day is Halloween, when the lantern and bonfires glow yellow, pumpkins exude an orange tinge and the bobbling apples throw their red. This day of trick and treating is celebrated […] The post No Tricks, Only Treats On This Halloween At CanadaPetCare- Get 12% OFF On All Pet Supplies! appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    Are you really confident of the fact that your kitty is not overweight? It has been researched and found that obesity is regarded to be one of the most challenged problems in dogs and cats of first world countries. It has been statistically proven that approximately more than 50% of cats and dogs are obese […] The post 6 Hidden Dangers Of Obesity In Cats appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.
  • by Jesse McDaniel
    Columbus Day is a great occasion to explore the deep hidden love for your furry pal. What better way to make him feel special than to give him a gift that will make him feel loved. Yes, pets are life of pet owners and they complete your world and so this Columbus Day is an […] The post This Columbus Day Pet Supplies Discount Deals Will Make Pets Yappy appeared first on CanadaPetCare Blog.

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Pet Supplies & Pet Care Products from BudgetPetWorld

Buy Pet Supplies and Pet Products online. Budget Pet World offers branded dog supplies and cats supplies with lots of savings.

BudgetPetWorld only sells trusted name brands products such as Frontline Plus, Advantage, Nexgard, Bravecto, Advantage Multi, Revolution, K9 Advantix, Capstar, Program Plus and many more from companies like Merial, Novartis and Bayer. We source genuine products at much discounted prices and pass maximum savings to our customers.

We Now Offer FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS and have 30 days money back guarantee

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Latest Updates

  • by admin
    The once and only Thanksgiving Sale from BudgetPetWorld is ready to kick off. Our furry friends have always mused us with their unconditional love, loyalty, playfulness, and companionship.
  • by admin
    The month of November is known as National Pet Cancer Awareness Month and it’s the ideal time to let others know about the importance and significance of this crucial month.
  • by admin
    TREATS! COSTUMES! DECORATIONS! And PETS around is all fun. Being a pet parent, you would never miss to add your furry friend to the celebrations. And, if you’re looking for ways to bring more fun to your pet this Halloween, get set spooking. CREEPILY, there are unique ways to combine your love of furry pal with Halloween.
  • by admin
    Fleas and ticks are literally everywhere; on the dog, in the house, around the environment, etc. Due to this, it becomes imperative to take required measures for protecting dogs from such parasites. Frontline Plus is one such product that is highly effective against fleas and ticks.
  • by admin
    As National Pet Wellness Month is nearing, let’s all pet parents get on the verge and tune in for their pet’s wellness. It’s always a good thing if you’re doing everything you can to keep your fur babies happy and healthy, no matter which life stage they belong too
  • by admin
    Fleas and ticks are the most common issue faced by dogs and their pet parents and oral treatments are arguably the best choice to combat such pests. While there are several oral treatments that do an excellent job at treating and preventing fleas and ticks, there has always been a tight tussle between Bravecto and Nexgard.
  • by admin
    Getting rid of fleas and ticks is not an easy task. You can experiment all you want, but these parasites won’t leave your dog unless you pick the right treatment. Thus, to protect the dog from fleas and ticks, it’s imperative to control both indoor and outdoor environment. A home remedy certainly won’t be enough to remove all the fleas.
  • by admin
    Every day, more and more people are adopting a pet, which increases the importance of their existence in human lives. Humans are emotional beings, and so are pets. Therefore, they bond well together. It has proven repeatedly how pets have enhanced our life, and how they make our lives wholesome. A pet helps you in various ways, and in this blog, we’re talking about the importance of pets in human life.
  • by admin
    The current and ongoing global pandemic in the form of the coronavirus has caused immense unrest and turmoil all around the world.In lieu of this, online shopping has become the main source of our shopping for essentials and other stuff, and that includes shopping for our pets.
  • by admin
    Heartworm infection in dogs is a serious and fatal disease. Not only is this disease life-threatening, but they are also very expensive when it comes to treating it.

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Pet Supplies & Pet Health Supplies Products Online – BudgetPetCare

BudgetPetCare offers a high quality pet health supplement products like flea & tick, joint care, eye and ear, wound care etc at budget price. FREE SHIPPING. is a trusted online retailer of pet products that sells pet health supplements, pet accessories and pet supplies.

We supply top quality brand name pet supplies including flea & tick treatments, dewormers, eye, ear and wound care products for cats and dogs at affordable prices. We offer great deals on products such as Frontline Plus, Advantage, Advantage II, K9 Advantix, K9 Advantix II, Capstar and Program Plus which are considered among the best flea & tick treatment for dogs and cats.

At, we pride ourselves on affordable prices, product quality and excellent customer service. We offer a wide range of dog supplies and cat supplies as well as Free Vet Consultation with our resident vet for any queries that you may have regarding your pet’s health.

We Offer FREE SHIPPING on All Orders

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Latest Updates

  • by Alan William
    BudgetPetCare – is a one-stop-shop for all of your pet supplies. Whether you have a furry friend like a dog or a cat, or birdies to cherish the mornings or horses in the barn, BudgetPetCare is all here with incredible deals. This Black Friday 2020 – the leading pet supplies online store doesn’t disappoint you […] The post BudgetPetCare Black Friday 2020 Sale – It’s Show Time – Grab The Deals appeared first on
  • by Alan William
    Thanksgiving is a special occasion wherein you spend it with your loved ones and talk about the things you’ve been thankful for. It has been celebrated in America for ages now, and it continues to be one of the biggest occasions in the world. And speaking of loved ones, be sure to include your beloved […] The post How To Enjoy A Safe Thanksgiving With Your Pets? appeared first on
  • by Alan William
    So, you just find out that your dog is badly infested with fleas. Now, what next? Well, first of all, you need to stay calm and composed. Fleas and ticks are certainly harmful to dogs, but there’s no reason to panic about it. Every other dog gets infested with fleas and ticks, sometimes because your […] The post Immediate Steps to Take When You got to know your pet has flea and tick appeared first on
  • by Alan William
    If you are a dog parent, you know how expensive it is to take care of your furry buddy. The cost incurred on taking good care of them is huge and many cannot afford it. But fret not, because we’re about to shed light on how one can cut down on their costs and at […] The post How To Cut Down On Your Costs Whilst Taking Good Care Of Your Dog? appeared first on
  • by Alan William
    We as dog-parents always remain updated with any new product in the market. And, where we know what issues these parasites cause in life, it is always a bliss to get a one-stop-solution treatment instead of purchasing different treatments for different parasites. So, here’s some good news for dog parents. Simparica Trio a brand new […] The post All You Need To Know About Simparica Trio For Dogs appeared first on
  • by Alan William
    Pet parents love their pets more than anything! They always want best for their dogs, thus want to provide them with the most effective monthly treatments. However, considering the pricing and other factors, buying monthly treatments can take a toll on pet parents. To help pet parents keep their pets healthy without burning a hole […] The post Best Generic Heartgard Plus treatments Available in Market for Dogs appeared first on

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Perfume World : Buy Fragrances Online

Perfume World is the premier online fragrance destination where you can discover seasonal trends, gain access to private sales, expert trend reports, and unrivaled fragrance advice. Our massive collection of fragrances hugely surpasses what you could find at any individual shop. We also offer reviews of all of the perfumes we stock, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. As a result, first-time shoppers and the most discerning connoisseurs can both find just the right scent at a surprisingly low price.


Perfumedotcom has been America’s #1 place to buy discount perfumes online since 1995. We stock more than 7,000 women’s and men’s fragrances, all of them deliverable to your door within just days. Our broad selection of perfumes and colognes includes celebrity scents, gift sets, top sellers, hard-to-find fragrances, specialty samples, new releases, and even discontinued brands. By buying your next bottle of fragrance online with us, you can save up to 70% off of retail prices, 365 days a year.

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Latest Updates

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In addition, ordering with is easy and fast. We ship to every country in the world, and most of our fragrances ship from our headquarters within hours of your order.

If you’re looking for a new scent, take a look at our wide selection of discount perfume from the hottest brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Lancome, Giorgio Armani, Bvlgari, Givenchy, and Gucci. Pick up something for him with a bottle of discount cologne. Plus, our delivery service makes it easy to send cheap perfumes to loved ones for special occasions. If you’re looking to try a new brand, we’ll keep you abreast of the week’s top sellers. Plus, our scent experts offer detailed notes on all of our scents, letting you shop confidently.

Alfred Sung Alien Perfume
Angel Perfume Boucheron
Bulgari Burberry Perfume
Calvin Klein Perfume Chloe Perfume
Davidoff DKNY Perfume
Dolce & Gabbana Perfume Escada
Givenchy Euphoria Perfume
Giorgio Armani Versace Perfume
Hugo Boss Perfume Ed Hardy Perfume
Issey Miyake Perfume

Ways to Shop

Women’s Perfume Men’s Cologne
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BerryLook: Cheap Clothing & Women Dresses

Berrylook is an online fashion clothing store, offering an extensive range of high-quality and latest gorgeous Women’s clothing at affordable prices with Worldwide & Site wide FREE Shipping.

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BerryLook is your global online store that delivers latest fashion apparel for you! We have dresses, tops, bottoms and swimwear for girls and ladies. Thousands of products in different styles are waiting for you!


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Mineral Makeup,Natural Makeup – Bellapierre Cosmetics United Kingdom

Introducing the new Bellapierre Cosmetics United Kingdom! Purity, Variety, Simplicity, and Quality. From 100% percent minerals to more mainstream and accessible, our products are still made with naturally derived ingredients of organic Make-up and Skin Care

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Introducing Bellapierre Cosmetics! We’ve reinvented ourselves in response to the ever changing trends of the beauty market, while still holding true to our core values: Purity, Variety, Simplicity, and Quality. Bellapierre began as a 100% minerally based cosmetics company, and has evolved into one of the fastest responding brands with the hottest products on the market.


Gift! choose your 12 Eye Shadow Palette when spending £50! And Free Shipping with over £40 Order, and Free Waterproof Gel Lip Liner Pencil Nude with any order!

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Consoles, Collectibles, Video Games & VR at GameStop

Shop GameStop, the world’s largest retail gaming destination for Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch games, systems, consoles and accessories. Shop a wide selection of gamer-centric apparel, collectibles and more.

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Get Free Shipping when you Pre-Order the new compact and lightweight Nintendo Switch Lite now available at GameStop

Get Madden NFL 20, a Headset, and a Wireless Controller when you purchase the Xbox One NBA 2K19 Bundle for as low as $299.99 at GameStop

Save During the Back to School Sale where all T-Shirts are Buy 1 Get 1 Free at GameStop.

Get 40% off on Backpacks, socks, stationery, drinkware, lanyards and more during the Back To School Sale at GameStop

Purchase any system and get 50% off Pre-Owned Games $9.99 & Under at GameStop

Save $35 on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey now only $24.99 at GameStop

Get $35 off on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle now only $24.99 at GameStop

Save Big on Pre-Owned Games such Call of Duty WWII, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Madden NFL 18, and more at GameStop

Get $5 Extra Trade Credit on All Games you trade at GameStop

Get Divinity: Original Sin II – Definitive Edition for only $20 at GameStop

Shop GameStop for 2019 Advent Calendars such as the Pop! Harry Potter, Pop! Fortnite, and Pop! Marvel

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LovelyWholesale | Wholesale Shoes,Wholesale Clothing, Cheap Clothes,Cheap Shoes Online.

Wholesale Clothing Online Store. We Offer Top Good Quality Cheap Clothes For Women And Men Clothing Wholesaler, Get Affordable Clothing At Worldwide.

A professional and reliable online shopping center providing a variety of hot selling products at reasonable prices and shipping them globally. Wholesale Clothing Online Store. Offer Top Good Quality Cheap Clothes For Women And Men Clothing Wholesaler, Get Affordable Clothing At Worldwide. Now our members can shop and save on their shopping in their respective countries.

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More Choices for A Better Life is the global online retailer with an affordable item for every hobby and lifestyle. Home improvement, electronics, fashion and beauty supplies: available worldwide at unbeatable prices. For convenient shopping and everyday savings, make a part of your life today!

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Emaar Hotels

We are glad to inform our members that now you can book and save on Emaar Hotels. These include the Address, Armani Dubai, Rove and Vida hotel chains. Emaar hotels has approved Paazy Club as their marketing channel partner. So in this page you shall be getting all information like about, offer and discount coupons to save money on every booking.

Select your hotel to book

Rove HotelsAddress Hotels
Vida HotelsArmani Hotel Dubai

Vida Hotels : Design-led lifestyle hotels located in the heart of Downtown Dubai, Emirates Hills and Dubai Creek Harbour.

Rove Hotels: Smart, fuss-free, affordable hotels for the new generation modern traveller who likes to explore without borders.  Click here to become a Rover!

Armani Hotels : Situated in the Burj Khalifa, the hotel offers a Stay with Armani lifestyle concept. Featuring 160 guest rooms, award-winning dining and the Armani/SPA

Address Hotels : Experience life as it happens at Address Hotels + Resorts in Dubai. Our immaculate Dubai hotels offer its own fusion of contemporary style and elegance.

Rove Hotels Updates

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Rove Hotels Address Hotels
Vida Hotels Armani Hotel Dubai

My Jewellry Shop

One stop solution to save money your jewelry. You can shop from any country and start saving.

My Jewellery shop helps you to save money on your jewelry. Here you can find latest offer and deals to shop and save. Moreover we have developed a facebook page in the name of My Jewellry Shop.

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Royal Mint : Global

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Littman : USA

Global Rakuten : Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore

Opulent Jewelers : Global ) :

EFFY : USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan and Puerto Rico

J R Dunn : Canada and USA

Bluestone : India

Tanishq : India

Hilton Hotels

Book directly 4660 hotels and 17 brands for the best rates during your next stay. Expect better, expect Hilton.

Good News! Now Paazy Club members can save money on booking at over 4660 hotels worldwide and 17 brands of Hilton Hotels. Now we are approved marketing channel partner of prestigious Hilton Hotels.

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  • Get breakfast for 4, premium WI-Fi and late check-out (subject to availability), at participating Hilton Portfolio hotels worldwide!
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  • Discover Hilton’s best promotions of the moment in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia & more.
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Let’s know the 17 brands of Hilton Hotels. Reach to your favorite brand and start saving.

Waldorf Astoria LXR Hotels & Resorts
Conrad Hotels & Resorts Canopy by Hilton
Signia Hilton Hilton Hotels & Resorts
Curio Collection by Hilton DoubleTree by Hilton
Tapestry by Hilton Embassy Suites by Hilton
Motto by Hilton Hilton Garden Inn
Hampton by Hilton Tru by Hilton
Homewood Suites by Hilton Home2 Suites by Hilton
Hilton Grand Vacations

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Klook travel for Activities, Tours, Attractions and Things To Do

Find discounted attraction tickets, tours with unique experiences, and more! Join local day tours to visit spectacular sights and go on delicious food trips around the city. Upon landing at the airport, we’ve got all kinds of transfers available for you. Discover and book amazing travel experiences with Klook!

I like this site, because it offers the best rate on over 35,000 attractions, tours & activities, food & wellness, and local transportation & WiFi rental in more than 150 destinations worldwide.

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Make it simple for you to enjoy everything a destination offers.

Travel should be all play and no work. With so many activities waiting to be discovered, our goal is to connect travelers with the experiences they want and need.

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Klook updates

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4 Reasons Why Math Learning Centers are Out & Math Learning Apps Are In

When your child tells you that they are struggling in math, what are your options? You may think that your only option is hiring a tutor or going to a math learning center. However, a new and more modern alternative exists! With math learning apps, you can bring tutoring home and ensure that your child is motivated and engaged while improving their math skills.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider a math learning app:

1. Learning Apps Go With You

Taking your child to a math learning center requires a lot of time. The hour or more that you spend at the center during each visit plus the time you spend commuting, can become a huge drain on your busy schedule. Math learning apps, on the other hand, can go with you wherever you are. For instance, your child can practice math while you drive to soccer practice or while you relax at home or even while you wait for your food at a restaurant. This is more convenient and ensures adequate learning. Also, instead of getting tutored once or twice a week, you can ensure that your child is working on their math skills every day.

2. Math Learning Apps Offer Better Quality of Instruction

When you take your child to a learning center, your child will be work with one or two different tutors. These tutors may or may not be certified teachers. With math learning apps, your child gets to learn with the help of qualified, certified instructors. The creators of learning apps employ the best educators in their fields in order to provide you and your child with an exceptional learning opportunity.

3. Instruction at the Point of Learning

One key that makes learning apps more effective than traditional instruction is a principle called instruction at the point of learning. This means providing students with instruction and feedback at the point where they are learning the material, rather than handing them a worksheet and then correcting the work at a later time. With instruction at the point of learning, powered by iPad technology, your child is given the necessary instruction exactly when it is needed. They are redirected when they make mistakes, so they learn quickly, rather than just seeing the right answer after the mistake is corrected.

4. Apps Are More Motivating

These days kids are drawn to tablets and digital games. In this way, math teaching apps motivate and engage your child. They make learning fun instead of making children feel like they “have a tutor” or are “going to school”.

Choosing the Right App

You’ll need to choose the right learning app in order to motivate and engage your child. You will want an app that has game-like play, so kids are rewarded for their responses and their success. You also want one that has personalized instruction, rather than just the same questions for every user. This will ensure that your money and time is well spent.

Thinkster Math is an excellent tablet-based learning app that uses instruction at the point of learning from qualified, certified teachers. Visit Thinkster Math to learn more about the app and how it can make a difference in your child’s learning.

Start Your 1 Week Free Trial & Receive 10% Off 2 Billing Cycles at Thinkster Math! Use promo code SUMMERSAVE10 at checkout.

Business e Guide

A complete digital store where you can find eBooks on many topics.

Shop & Save at Our Digital Store


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Knowledge is Real Power

You can learn and acquire knowledge from top online Universities/School/Center like University of Illinois, Yale University, Michigan State University, Nobel Laureate Bob Shiller, ESSEC Business School, University of Minnesota, Northwestern University, University of Geneva, Copenhagen Business School, Wesleyan University and Wharton School.

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Top News from School Club

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Paazy ShopBlog

TVC Mall – Professional Cell Phone Accessories Supplier.TVC-Mall a fast-growing and leading supplier of replacement parts and accessories for cell phones, tablets and other devices.TVC-Mall has been a leading supplier of cell phone parts and accessories in China.

Goods from China – Professional Cell Phone Accessories Supplier

TVC-Mall a fast-growing and leading supplier of replacement parts and accessories for cell phones, tablets and other devices. Once a trading company, TVC-Mall has been a leading supplier of cell phone parts and accessories in China. Owning as well as working with factories, TVC-Mall is able to supply parts and accessories of the best quality you can find on market at the most competitive prices

Years into meeting the needs of its global buyers, TVC-Mall’s product lines have expanded to also cover accessories and spare parts for tablets and other devices, all well categorized with a full spectrum of brands and models, making TVC-Mall one of the most preferred platform to discover and purchase the latest spare parts and accessories for devices.

The company was founded in 2008 with 6 people, now it has more than 300 employees.

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Looking for Client? If yes, we have the platform where you can sell your product and services. A complete eCommerce package on Special Price. You can sell anything like Grocery, Jewelry, Electronic, Apparel, Health care products etc. Our vendors can avail following services.

Control their Public Profile

Manage their products and edit per product shipping rules themselves.

Add private notes to orders or notes to customers (e.g. tracking number)

View their orders and reports on sales performance

Sell physical and digital products to receive commission payouts

Associate Team

Associate Program

Vendor can built his sales force team. No need to pay, monthly salaries to sales force. Introducing Associate Program depends on performance base marketing. All Associate of Paazy Club also known as Sales force team. Associate sell your products through social sites like Facebook, Whats app, twitter many more. Special Banner and text link would be built to promote your products. Sales force can track their sale, impression and clicks 24 X 7 days.

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Authentic Korean skincare-Beautytap

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Now Paazy Club user can enjoy Korean beauty products from Beautytap. A complete range of beauty products from south Korea. Now you can shop and save on this page.

Beautytap is authentic Korean skincare company based at USA. As the name describe the maximum products are from Korea.

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You can shop confidently because shipping is available almost every country of the world. Bautytap has thousands of customers worldwide, from U.S. and Europe to the Middle East and Asia, bringing the best of Korean beauty to the world.


Free Global shipping for order $120+

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Beautytap Updates

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