Rishi needs blessings.

I was born today. I don’t know why Bhagwan (God) has sent me on this Earth, journey of life was not easy, but I trust him. There is a reason. because I became the introducer and made me think in exceptional ways. which distinguished me separately from others.

Rishi Sharma as Founder of Paazy

In my studies themselves, I started working. I came to know about the share market and assisted a taxation lawyer in handling it.

I became an NBFC introducer in rural areas, providing financial services to combat inflation.

Circumstances again turned, new era was waiting for me. I joined Punjab Legal Services as a volunteer. After that, we introduced Surya Sabha Justice for All. Helping people to get justice for marginalized people.

As of today, I am glad to announce the official new job site (cityjob.site) to solve the problem of unemployment. Looking for a job? Let’s assist you in finding a relevant job with a keyword (designation) and city, country. Now you can search for a job in your favorite city.

Become a marketing channel partner of a world-class brand’s. The brands are from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore.

Now it’s time to explore new ways and introduce unique paths to the world. Sincerely, I thank God who made me capable of introducing new things.

Need your blessings and support to nurture the generations.