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UK Lime Insurance making private medical cover affordable

Watch CEO and Founder Shaun Williams explain his mission to make Lime a force for social good – by making valuable insurance affordable and accessible to people under served by traditional insurance companies.

From only £2.03 per month*, cover provides £5,000 cash lump sum to help cover the costs of illness, plus up to £100,000 for recommended drugs not covered by the NHS.

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Insurance Services

May I help you?

In India all Insurance companies are under IRDA body. All rules and regulation is maintained by IRDA. The main role of IRDA is to protect the interests of the policyholders, regulates, promotes and ensures orderly growth of the insurance in India. IRDA full form is Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. In this page you can avail following Insurance services. We shall be discussing further different plans, where you can pay minimum price for your risk cover.

Cattle and Live StockFarmer Package Policy
Fire and Allied PerilsHealth Insurance
Life InsuranceMotor Comprehensive
Motor Third PartyPersonal Accidental
Policy PaymentTravel Insurance

Good Sam Travel Assist : Good Sam Travel Assist is emergency medical and travel assistance. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Good Sam Travel Assist provides members with emergency medical evacuation and gets traveling companions or RV home after illness or injury.  Services available in USA and Canada only.

Type of Insurance

There are main two type of Insurance. Life Insurance and General Insurance. Further in Life Insurance there are two type of Plan. Traditional and Unit Links Plan. Common thing is Risk cover. In both the plan policy holder gets risk cover. Traditional and ULIP plan do provide appreciation of your money, but on risk cover cost. You have to understand the growth of your money.

As a investment, Insurance is not good for investment. Rather than it is protection of our financial losses.

What is risk Cover?

In simple terms risk cover stands for financial losses. In my view, Insurance is compulsory for everybody, because it cover financial losses, when we need most.

People and Class

We can divide people in there classes.

  • Higher
  • Middle
  • Poor

Mostly insurance plan are executed for first two main category. But now we have plans to protect poor people. IRDA has developed Micro Insurance Plan to save financial losses for rural people.

Micro Insurance Plan

Micro Insurance plan is developed to reduce financial burdens for low income families. Mostly low income families are found in rural areas. Micro-insurance plans can help you reach your goals and protect your family

Simple Documentation

With minimum documentation required for enrollment and easy to understand policy terms, micro insurance enables you to provide financial security to your loved ones in your absence.


The plan helps you start with small investments that gives you the right backing and support to keep your family safe and happy.

Avail and Get Tax Benefit

Enjoy tax benefits on the premium you invest as well as the maturity of those, under Section 80C and Section 10(10D) as per prevailing Income Tax Laws.

Right Insurance Policy