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Since 1987, Colorful Images® has been dedicated to providing customers with a unique and diverse line of personalized name and address labels, personalized stationery products, and distinctive merchandise at great prices. Maintaining our reputation for “the world’s largest selection of personalized paper products” is always a priority. At Colorful Images®, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a first-rate shopping experience. We consistently strive to blend creative merchandising and cutting-edge technology in order to build millions of strong customer relationships. As part of Current Media Group LLC., a multi-brand direct marketing company, we are able to effectively combine our expertise in marketing, merchandising and technology to be leaders in Internet retailing. If you’d like to know more, Contact Us and let us answer your questions. We appreciate your interest in Colorful Images®.

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Official Current Catalog Site. We offer checks, greeting cards, wrapping paper, holiday decor, and more at low prices. Shop our selection of Buy 1 Get 1 Free gifts!

Current Media Group LLC, is a multi-brand direct marketing company with more than 2,000 products and millions of customers. Yet the company still retains its friendly family feeling. Our products are sold directly to consumers who enjoy keeping in touch with their family and friends. You’ll discover Current is your best source for unique, thoughtful, affordable gifts, warmhearted cards for everyone, and the thickest, peekproof gift wrap around. They’re the perfect products to keep on hand, so you’ll always be prepared for any special occasion that pops up. We invite you to start stocking your “Current closet” today!

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    Finding the perfect gift for a child is not always as simple as getting the latest toys or games. When you want to differentiate the item, personalized gifts for kids can provide the perfect solution to problems with siblings or the child’s friends. Putting a Name on It Personalized gifts for kids will allow you to… The post Personalized Gifts for Kids: No More “I Don’t See Your Name on It!” appeared first on Current Blog.
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    Writing Christmas cards can be one of the season’s sweetest tasks if you plan ahead a little bit. Unlike other holiday projects, this one doesn’t have to be completed all at once. Just browsing through the Christmas card selection will put you in the Christmas spirit, and give you the pleasure of shopping for something… The post How to Write a Good Christmas Card appeared first on Current Blog.
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