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Don’t work for Money? Let the Money work for you.

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Have you heard about Cashback. Now a days where ever you shop, mostly companies, brands do provide Cashback Points. But these companies work for themselves. Here in Paazy Business Club, our members also get Cashback points, but here we say Tokens. Mostly companies, Cashback points value is very low. And our Cashback token value is, 1 INR.

If you have a business and looking for a system to boost your sale. Then, you are in right platform, here we shall provide you business tools. With the tools, you can promote any business and increase your sale.

If you don’t have any business? Then join our Affiliate program and sell our services.

Don’t work for Money? Let the Money work for you.

Affiliate : Moreover your customer remains yours for life time. It means, you shall get paid, whenever he/she purchase via your referral link. Start recommending our services and boost local business. For more information click here.

Super Affiliate : Become Super Affiliate so that whenever Whenever someone buy a Pizza, Apparel, Electronic anything you should get paid. System works in 150 countries. Help the local business to grow. For more information click here.

To hit the inflation, we should invest in Banks, Pharma, Real Estate. So that when they grow, you grow. Our advisory team can assist you, How to enter the market, where to invest and when to exist. For more information Click here to open the Life time Demat Account.

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  • We have updated Search system, just write the keyword and get the result instantly. Moreover, you can search our trade partner name, and it show you the page, where we have posted the link.

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Need an eCommerce Store or website in your brand Name. Already have Domain. If didn’t yet purchased the domain buy from Paazy Sites. Get our special affordable Hosting services to live your Website. Special price for Paazy Business Club members to save more.

With every hosting services we are providing FREE eCommerce and CMS Applications like OpenCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, Moodle many more..

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Work without boundaries with our Affiliate Program.

In our affiliate program, Customer remain yours for life time, Once you have referred the person, and whenever he/she purchase, you will generate the revenue. You can work part time or full time as your choice. To get the complete information you can reach our affiliate page here.

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