Loyalty Points

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Grab free loyalty points as part of our loyalty program. This opportunity is only available to Authors and Teachers.

The best business opportunity in the world, become a leader, where you can promote any business, unlimited products and services. Moreover, you can work without boundaries. There is no need to maintain any website, host it, or open a retail store with a huge investment.

Shop & Save with Loyalty Points, and you get cash back on every purchase.

The Paazy Readers Club gives you additional savings as an author or teacher and helps you generate a second income. Earn free points by shopping at your favourite stores. All active leaders can grab free loyalty points quarterly. One point is equal to one Indian rupee. You can redeem your points by availing of our services or shopping at any time. Furthermore, you can withdraw at any time if necessary. In India, you can shop for anything like apparel, electronics, home appliances, groceries, etc. from international brands. You can also redeem points with two-wheeler or car insurance in India only. Simply order your required products through us to earn quick points.

Marketing as a Leader is the Best Way to get Started Making Money Online.

Loyalty itself states that the more points you keep, the more loyalty you have. Points can be generated. achieve and maintain the level, and start getting loyalty income.

It’s easy to recommend: once you have registered at the Paazy Readers Club as an author or teacher, you just need to activate your account. And we will distribute our profits as loyalty points every quarter. Start recommending products and services with the copy-and-paste method. We have created a message Centre, where you can solve all your business inquiries. Just send a message. Just copy and paste the URL and start recommending. Many merchants do provide shipping to India and many other countries. Or just click the button below to shop your favorite merchants.

You can recommend unlimited products and services worldwide. Work without boundaries. affordable price. As a leader, you get paid on every sale.

  • Create your business profile with your complete address at Paazy Readers Club.
  • Put business images as the header background.

There is main five categories. Leader, Super Leader, Bronze Leader, Silver Leader, Gold Leader and Diamond Leader.

Diamond Leader 100,000,000.0 – 0.0

Gold Leader 10,000,000.0 – 99,999,999.0

Silver Leader 500,000.0 – 9,999,999.0

Bronze Leader 50,000.0 – 499,999.0

Super Leader 1,000.0 – 49,999.0

Leader 1.0 – 999.0

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Shop and Get Cashback

Leader Cashback

As you join and generate 1 to 999 points, you are known as a Leader. You are entitled to get 2% as a Leader bonus. 

Super Leader

The Paazy Super Leader programme is unique. Once you become a Super Leader, you generate 6% as a Super Leader bonus.

Minimum Points: 1000
Maximum Points: 49999

Generate more points with the following methods:

Our Stint programmer is unique because it rewards you with more points for your activities. Many points will be distributed based on monthly target achievements. Moreover, you may get rewarding points by attending meetings and seminars only.

Affiliate Income

Whenever you refer and your referral purchases or shops in this club, you get 10% as referral income. You can convert your referral income to points at any time.

Bronze Leader

A minimum of 50000 points is required to achieve the bronze Leader level. While maintaining your bronze Leader level, you are entitled to get 10% as a bronze bonus.

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Silver Leader

You need a minimum of 500000 points to get the silver bonus. Silver Leader gives you 14% as a silver bonus. which helps you to meet travel expenditure.

Gold Leader

You need a minimum of 10000000 points to get the gold bonus. Gold Leader gives you 18% as a Gold Bonus. which helps you to achieve your dream car.

Diamond Leader

You need minimum 10000000 points to get Diamond bonus. Diamond Leader gives you 24% as Diamond bonus. Which help you to achieve Dream House.

Become Super Associate and Start your journey with us

Super Leader advertising is for social lovers. Stand out from the crowd. Being unique and different is part of what makes every one of us special. These days, we all seem to notice each other’s differences more and more. Let your profile be noticed. Moreover, it helps you generate additional sales. Start your second income by promoting our and your trade partner’s services.

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