We are glad to inform that you can redeem your Tokens in Advertisement. Let’s check the various method of advertising here.

Who can post Token Ads?

Token Advertising is a free promoting administration accessible to all individuals. Token Ads are powered by Tokens, which can be earned by Ads Click, Referral program and revealing different advertisements in the system, partaking in our PPC program.

Are token utilized for impressions or genuine snaps?

Token are utilized for genuine clicks, not impressions.

Your token might be diminished when you get genuine guests. The measure of token being deducted relies upon to what extent the guest surfs on your site.

It is a more attractive framework. You are guaranteed that your tokens will turn out to be genuine guests to your site, not squandered in impressions.

How to utilize?

1) Set up your advertisement.

2) Your advertisement will be surveyed inside 24 hours. When the promotion is affirmed and your advertisements will be appeared in the system as long as you have applied token left in your record.

3) Renew your advertisement at regular intervals. Token Ads will lapse following 14 days. This is to ensure that advertisements in the system are state-of-the-art.

What number of token do I have to run my advertisements?

It relies upon how much traffic you need.

Token = Traffic to your site. The more token you have, the more traffic you’ll get. Minimum you can spend 100 tokens for your advertisement.

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How about we crunch the numbers. Accepting on normal guests go through 15 seconds on your advertisement, that will cost you 1 token per guest. On the off chance that your objective is to get 50 guests every day, you will require around 50 token per day.

Would i be able to purchase token?

No. Token are not available to be purchased. On the off chance that you have the spending limit, you can move up to a VIP and Star Member. Expert Members can post VIP Ads, which will be appeared in the framework every minute of every day without the need of Token.

Where are my token Ads appeared?

They are appeared in

1) Our blog,

2) Members Area

Could my promotion be dismissed?

Truly. Ensure that your promoted page is working and it isn’t identified with HYIP, pyramid, ponzi, trick and doesn’t contain any hostile, pernicious or grown-up materials, including dating, medication and betting destinations. Likewise, it ought not have any prominent popup, popunder and ought not contain any auto-download or outline breaking content.

In the event that you are a VIP Member, your Token Ads will be excluded from this standard.

What number of Token Ads would I be able to post?

One line advertisement in the event that you are a Free Member, 100 on the off chance that you are a VIP Member.

Why my advertisement status is ‘Under Review’?

To control spam and noxious substance, we audit every single new advertisement put together by Free Members. Professional Members appreciate pre-endorsement, however we will in any case survey their promotions inevitably.

Your advertisement can likewise be under survey if an issue has been raised beforehand or if your record has many dismissed promotions.

To start advertisement, just write to @paazy

1oo ClicksMinimum 100 token required to start Advertising.