You can register for UPI through any of the UPI apps (e.g.: BHIM) and make payments on Paazy by using the UPI ID provided by them.

UPI will be available as a payment method on our mobile shopping app and browser for all transactions valuing Rs.10000 or less. However do note that the following exceptions apply:
UPI cannot be used in combination with Paazy Pay balance
If your payment failed initially, UPI will not be an option in the Revise/Retry payment workflow. However, you can pay using other Payment Instruments.

Here is how you can use UPI shopping app/browser:

Checkout with an order total of Rs.10000 or less.
On the Select a payment method screen, select UPI as the payment method and fill your details like name and address. And once completed just reach to page https://paazy.club/upi. Scan the code and pay.
Go to your UPI ID linked mobile app and from the Pending Transactions tab in it, complete your payment.
Note: The payment needs to be completed within 10 minutes to successfully place the order.

If the payment failed on my order, how do I proceed?

If the payment failed on your order, you can retry your payment with a different payment method. If you’d like to use UPI again, place a new order.

About BHIM

Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) is an initiative to enable fast, secure, reliable cashless payments through your mobile phone. BHIM is interoperable with other Unified Payment Interface (UPI) applications, & bank accounts for quick money transfers online. BHIM is developed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) as a part of the Digital India initiative. BHIM is made in India and dedicated to the service of the nation.

What can I do with BHIM?

BHIM works on Unified Payments Interface (UPI), which is a revolutionary payments platform. The features of BHIM are as follows:-

• Access all bank accounts in one app
• Pay to friends & relatives using their mobile number. (Provided they are on BHIM/UPI)
• Pay to any user using any UPI application.
• Shop online and checkout using “Pay by UPI/BHIM” for a quick and seamless experience.
• Request money from any UPI user.
• Scan a QR and pay on the fly.
• Check account balance and pay via Aadhaar number.

How does it work?

Register your bank account with BHIM, & set a UPI PIN for the bank account. Your mobile number is your Payment Address, & you can simply start transacting. Yes! It is that simple.

How to Transfer Money Online?

Make Cashless Payments or receive money from friends, family and customers through a mobile number or payment address. Instant Money Transfer can also be made to an unregistered user using Mobile number, Account number +IFSC and Aadhaar Number. You can also collect money by sending a request and reverse payments instantly if required.

Check Balance:
You can check your bank balance and transactions details on the go.

Custom Payment Address:
You can create a custom digital payment address in addition to your phone number.

QR Code:
Now scan QR codes without logging into the app. Merchants can easily print their QR
Code for display.

Block/ Spam:
You can Block/Spam users who are sending you collect requests from illicit sources.

Pay using Aadhaar:
Make seamless transactions using Aadhaar number.


Before you register on the app, please ensure the following:
• You have a valid Debit Card for your account
• You have linked your Mobile Number with your Account
• Your registered mobile no. is present in the same device as the BHIM app
• You have registered your account for Internet/Mobile Banking