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Who wants to find new clients or customers for their existing business. There are many ways to maintain your clients.

FREE Services

  • Profession Profile
  • Update what’s in your mind.
  • Support system through powerful message center with Public and Private chat.

Premium Services


Promote our services and get paid.

FREE Servies

Promote our services through WhatsApp and other social sites through your affiliate link and customer remains yours for lifetime. To create your link, you need to register at Paazy Shop.

Premium Services

  • Enroll in the course. Get Paid to Talk. You can get paid to talk about our services. Improve your leadership qualities. Begin with two income streams: one from referrals and another from leader’s host. Be a host and conduct seminars to get paid. At every seminar, you will be getting points, and generate more points by completing tasks. The best part is that our 1 point is equal to 1 Indian rupee.
  • Grab more points to generate a higher rank and income. A higher rank means starting to get travel expenses, car and house funds. Get in touch with our senior leaders or Click here for more information.

Get tips to save money through our trader partners. Shop and save with world-class brands in Indiathe United StatesCanadathe United Kingdom, and Australia. You can shop and save in 100 countries. Recommended products and services of our trade partner through the copy and paste method. Just copy the URL of our trade partner and recommend it in your chat. Moreover, you can upgrade with a press release to promote your existing business or our trade partners. 


  • Step 1: Create a free account here and at Paazy Shop. Login and update your profile with a photo and header background.
  • Step 2: Get your Paazy Shop affiliate link. Start promoting business services like Highlight my profileBoost Sales and Press Release. Read about all the services, we offer for new and existing businesses. To get more information about Affiliate program Click here.
  • Step 3: Log in and update what’s on your mind in the Activity Section on a daily basis. 
  • Step4. Invite your friends or your clients to the Paazy Business Club and become friends.
  • Step 5: Start a conversation and support system, if you already have a business, promote it. You can use our powerful message center with public and private chat. You can mention anybody in your chat with @username.

Earn additional points for every article published. You can post images, videos, and get paid instantly by posting your referral link or payment button.

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