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We are an innovative team of food engineers , having built London Grocery with the aim to directly and efficiently deliver to the end consumers. Our business model reduces the interaction with fresh food up to 85% vs. physical stores.

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We make a daily and direct procurement from local farms, produce, meat and fish halls over night and dispatch freshly within 3-6 hours through our cold chain logistics network to ensure maximum freshness. We use temperature-controlled recyclable boxes for the transportation of our goods.

With the daily supplied fresh groceries, you can receive fresh produce as if they had just been collected from the farm or access rare exotic fruits you won’t find anywhere else. The same procedure applies to our premium line of local meat and fish & seafood. The quality and premium taste is always closely tracked by our teams.

We aim to 100% maintain high quality standards and freshness in our products so that’s why we care about each order we receive personally. That means top-quality products are just a click away from you, and we are always on the other side of the line to support you regarding your order or queries.



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