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Super Leader advertising is for social lovers. Stand out from the crowd. Make friends with people outside of your culture. Being unique and different is part of what makes every one of us special. These days, we all seem to notice each other’s differences more and more. Let your profile be noticed. Moreover, it helps you generate additional income.

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Highlight your profile in many areas of the Paazy Business Club. Our members can find you and be your friend or client. More clients mean more sales. Get paid to promote our trade partners’ products and services. Work without boundaries. Now you can promote your existing business to a high audience.

Just login to your profile and start promoting products like apparel, electronics, home appliances, software, shoes, courses, travel services and many more. A Super Associate is eligible to get a high incentive and more reward points. Start writing a review or feedback on your purchase. Moreover, promote your business with offers, deals, and press releases.

Get 1000 points as cashback and maintain it so that your accounts get all the benefits of Super Leader every time. Highlight your profile for 30 days. Every month you are eligible for a 10% additional bonus. After 90 days, you are eligible to get bonus points. Just maintain a minimum of 1000 points in your account.

A Super Leader has the authority to issue a press release for 30 days.

Any business can be promoted: Any business can be promoted. It helps businesses to find new clients or customers. You can either promote your existing business or charge a fee to advertise any business. You can write articles with videos and images and sell your stuff with a payment gateway. assist businesses in increasing their web ranking and sales

Products and Services: You can promote an unlimited number of products and services here. And work without boundaries. Just copy and paste the website address. When we say unlimited products, it means we have covered the maximum brands. Promote these brands and increase your income.

Review : With every review of your purchase, you get more Cashback Tokens. Don’t forget to write the company name and link to their website. The best review article can generate a maximum of 5 points.

Eligible for FREE points Let’s grow together.

100 Club : Once you become Super Associate, You are entitled to get 100 Club bonus. Publish your offer, deals or your press release. Get tokens instantly. On every approval of your press release get rewarding  points.


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