Aarogyam Festive offer 2


Book your test with Comfort from your home. Get report within 24 or 48 hours. Aarogyam festive offer tests for 81 parameters and provides an overall snapshot of your health status. Aarogyam festive offer profile includes all the tests like Liver profile, Complete hemogram, Diabetes, Lipid Profile, thyroid Profile, Complete Urine analysis and Renal, that aid in assessing your well-being and identifying potential illness or health risks before they strike.

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Here is the list of report you can get.

  • Lipid Profile (8) : LDL Cholesterol Direct, LDL/HDL Ratio, Non-HDL Cholesterol, VLDL Cholesterol,  TC/HDL Cholesterol Ratio, Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol, HDL cholesterol Direct


  • Complete hemogram (24): Neutrophils-Absolute count, Red cell distribution width-SD(RDW-SD), Monocytes- Absolute count, Total RBC, Hematocrit(PCV), Platelet Count, Mean Corp.Hemo, Conc.(MCHC), Basophils,Eosinophils, Red cell distribution width(RDW-CV), Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH), Immature Graunulocyte Percentage(IG%), Lymphocyte Percentage, Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV), Nucleated Red Blood Cell, Hemoglobin, Basophils-Absolute Count, Monocytes, Immature Graunulocyte Percentage(IG), Lymphocytes-Absolute Count, Total Leucocytes Count, Neucleated Red Blood Cells %, Eosinophils-Absolute Count, Neutrophils


  • Diabetes Profile (1) : Hb1AC


  • Liver profile (11) : Serum Globulin,  Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT), Bilirubin-total, Alanine transaminase (SGPT), Bilirubin-Direct, Alkaline Phosphatase, Protein-Total, Serum ALB/Globulin Ratio, Aspartate Aminotransferase (SGOT), Bilirubin Indirect


  • Thyroid Profile (1) : thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)


  • Complete Urine analysis (26) : Calcium, Casts, Urinary Leucocytes, Urinary Glucose, Crystals, Parasite, Mucus, Bacteria, Nitrite, Red blood cells, PH, Urinary Protein, Bile Pigment, Yeast, Appearance, Urobilinogen, Microalumin, Urine blood, Specific Gravity, Volume, Ascorbic Acid, Bile Salt, Urinary Bilirubin, Urine Ketone, Colour, Epithelial Cells


  • Renal (5) : Calcium, Bun/Sr.Creatinine Ratio, Uric Acid, Creatinine Serum, Blood Urea Nitrogen (bun)


  • Iron deficiency profile (3) : Total Iron Binding Capacity (Tibc),Iron, % Tranferrin Saturation


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