Sensei Club

School Club equipping youngsters from all walks of life with the skills and motivational to lead active, healthy and happy lives and make a positive contribution to society.

Learn and Acquire Knowledge

Our mission is to create a legacy in the communities we serve by:

  • Equipping youngsters from all walks of life with the skills and motivational to lead active, healthy and happy lives and make a positive contribution to society.
  • Allowing those with a passion for sport to gain the vocational qualifications they need to pursue a sporting career leading to employment, Further and Higher Education.
  • Providing parents with trusted childcare of excellent, fully accessed quality where their children are inspired to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Working in partnership with primary, infant and junior schools to improve quality of their PE provision, sporting program, and curriculum delivery.
  • Pursuing social and environmental policies that make sure we are a social asset to the communities we serve.

Why should you join the Club?

There are many good reasons to join our club. It engage you in such as meeting new people, doing an activity you enjoy, and gaining leadership experience.
However, another reason you may want to join a club is if you have no opportunity at your school to pursue an interest you have. For example, you may have a passion for film, but your school may not offer any film classes or have any film clubs. If that’s the case, join our club to pursue your passion!

Even if your school has a class or club in your general area of interest, you may want to focus your attention on a more specific topic. For example, perhaps your school offers an art course, but you’re passionate about sculpture specifically. In that case, consider join our Sensei Club. Because we keep up you passion.

Sensei club that come from an interest in a subject area taught in school. I’ve identified eight subject area club categories: Art, Drama, Film, Science, Math, Literature, History, and Language.

Sensei club that stem from an interest in a hobby that most likely wouldn’t be taught in high school (such as chess, anime, video games, and skiing).
Sensei club that are linked to a specific charity with the goal of raising awareness, working for that charity, or raising money for that charity.

About : Sensei Club is leading independent providers of education through sport. Through its two core divisions – Education & Training and School Sport & Children’s Activities – Sensei Club offers a wide-range of engaging, forward-thinking and successful programmers.
Sensei Club services offer access to a variety of opportunities beyond the school day, offering parents access to high quality Sensei Club registered before and after-school provision all year round delivered by Fit For Sport.

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