List of Ranks

Know more about profit share according to the Ranks

As you know maximum companies provide Reward Points on your shopping. And same way Loyalty Shop provides you Points on your shopping and share the profit of worldwide sale. Moreover your all referral income also converted to points in Loyalty Shop.

How to redeem your points?

You can redeem the points by shopping at loyalty Shop.

And all taxes are applicable as Per Government of India.

One Loyalty Point = $1 USD

You are eligible to get Profit Share income as per your Rank below.

All members listed below do get Share of profit of worldwide sale after three-month as under. Affiliate members are not eligible for share of profit worldwide sale.

You need to maintain minimum Loyalty coins for every designation.

Diamond Associate 1000000.00000 - 0.00000

Gold Associate 100000.00000 - 999999.00000

Silver Associate 2500.00000 - 99999.00000

Bronze Associate 1.00000 - 2499.00000

Minimum Holding Required

There is minimum requirement to have loyalty points in your account for every designation. So if minimum holding is not maintained,your rank and income also have negative effect.