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Looking for new start up or business. Let’s work without boundaries with unlimited products and services.

You’ll work in. If consulting is the right path for you, prepare to work hard, learn constantly and challenge your mind. You’ll get an insider’s view into how the global economy works, and you’ll get to put your stamp on it. It doesn’t get more rewarding than that.

Become the part of World Biggest Shopping platforms to find top shippers from India, USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, Australia and many more. Delivery and accessibility is accessible in 150 Countries. We are approved marketing channel partners of many companies worldwide. To shop and save from these merchants or start your passive income as Shopping Consultant Join our Club.

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We invite you, for Press Release, exchange ideas, discuss topics, ask questions, and so on.


Here you can create your social account to start a new venture or promote your existing business, which pays you every time. First social media account which helps you to save on your shopping and start your passive income. Share, discuss, review, and collaborate across time zones, without interruptions. Register with us and boost your income with more leads and sales. Update your offers, deals and discount coupons free at your Activity section. Activity section, just work like timeline of Facebook, but here your post reaches publicly. And our users gets your all updates of your business. In Facebook it reaches to your friends only. Here you can post free text advertisement for branding or updates of your business. Click the button for more information about Business Tools.

Shopping Consultant and their Services

Shopping Consultant, help people to save money on their shopping with offer, deals and discount coupons. You can serve anywhere in the world with your mobile or Laptop, but you need internet connection. It is easy to join and start your passive income.

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For Reader’s and Shopper’s we have made Groups, a platform to get updates of Merchants. To check all updates of club, click here. Moreover you can subscribe, to receive an email for all updates. To know offer, deals and discount coupons, consult to our Shopping Consultant.

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Anybody who shops and want to save money or interested to serve his friends to Shop & Save in 150 countries. Entrepreneur or Business owner can also join us FREE to promote their business.

As a Shopping consultant you can promote all business to business (BtoB) and Business to Client (BtoC) services like Advertising, Lead Generation, Web development, Hosting, Content Writing, 3D Presentation, Voice over and digital marketing. You can serve, above services anywhere in the World.

Join the Club and start : Marketing With Rishi. Shop at Rishi Shop and get B2B solution for your business. Moreover on every purchase you shall get cashback.

Once you become Shopping Consultant, You can approach entrepreneur to advertise with us for branding and reach their offer & deals to our users. All updates, reaches to our email subscriber and social media connected users like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler many more.

In conclusion : Here you can create your social account to start a new venture or promote your existing business, which pays you every time. We have different packages to start your advertisement and reach to the world.

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About : Paazy Business Club is an association for columnists and others expertly occupied with the creation and dispersal of news. Paazy Club is an online Club as a meeting point for the Business owners, Job seeker, internet marketers. Paazy Club is an expert and social club for working writers and interchanges stage. What’s more, we give free Business instruments to accomplishment in their endeavor with full-administration mixed media creation office to help impart news and data to a worldwide crowd. Become Author and start posting your Business News as True story here. Promote your business free here.

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Step by Step program to shop, save and earn money online. Start a new venture or promote your existing business, which pays you every time. First social media account which helps you to save on your shopping and start your passive income.

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