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Our mission is to pave the way for future generations to get updates from the authors’ news, stories and books. Because I am certain that knowledge is the key to success, let’s learn and spread the knowledge. Learn from the “real life stories” book. Enjoy exploring all the author tools and features available to create and read news.

Our aim is to provide authors with as much publicity and income as possible at all stages of their careers. Expose your books, news, blog and stories to readers all over the world. Open new doors of opportunity in your life, and our subscribers can start a new venture with unlimited possibilities.

Press Release: An author can write an unlimited number of press releases for their existing business. 

Leads: You can also create a form for lead generation. And you’ll get an email whenever someone fills it out.

Images: You can include as many images as you want in your article or create a gallery.

Video: You can also post videos here. Our videos have no advertisements, and the videos are only available to club members. 

Sell: You can sell product with the payment buttons.

SEO: Helping your business grow with backlinks, It helps you rank with search engines.

Books: We want to help those whose works are already in print as well as those who want to become authors with the book marketing process. Our mission is to promote quality content by new and established authors and connect them with readers all over the world.

Consider author promotion to be similar to a brand name. The thoughts, images, feelings, and messages that consumers associate with a product are referred to as branding. It works the same way with authors and their books/content because you need a way to distinguish your book from others.

Paazy Author Promotion is a database of resources for aspiring and existing writers. It also features literary works by established and up-and-coming writers that seek more online exposure.

Book club recommendation: If you enjoy writing a book, suggest it to our readers club. The author would appreciate this gesture and would frequently visit the club virtually, Although our actual Paazy Readers Club visitors are different. This allows the author to meet new people and, hopefully, gain new fans.

Advertising: We have connected with Paazy Shop for advertising. You can select according to your needs and requirements. There are many ways, like the cashback program, press release, one-page advertisement, and many more.

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