Frequently Ask Question

  • Who can be member?

Member can be anybody, who completed the profile and updated his/her photo on it. And he/she should be above +13 age.

  • What is benefit of Member?

Members can take the advantage to save money by using exclusive offers, seasonal offers, promotions  and discount coupons in group. Know cashback offer from various merchant. They are also eligible to get profit share of worldwide sale and bonus.

  • Where to find exclusive offers and discount?

You can find exclusive offers and discount on our merchant pages in India, US, Canada, Australia and UK . Once registered you can avail instant assistant to get offer or deals just write to us @paazy from your message center.

  • What is value of Paazy Token?

Paazy Token prices are describe as under.

One Paazy Token = 1 INR

  • What is Profit Share income?

A profit-sharing is a plan that gives members share in the profits of a Club. Under this type of plan, members receives a Paazy Token on their monthly shopping. So shop every month and get share of profit of worldwide sale as Paazy Token.  Shop more to generate more Tokens.

  • What is Bonus Income?

Under this type of plan members receives a percentage on their Paazy Token. And your wealth grows.

  • Where I can shop online?

To shop online search your country  and reach the merchant page. We have listed our approved merchants to shop. Select your country and you shall reach to country shopping list, select merchant to shop by clicking SHOP NOW button, as you click you shall reach to merchant website and shop.  Don’t forget to Bookmark your page to shop every time.

  • Can I transfer my Paazy Token?

No, you cannot transfer your tokens to anybody account. But in future you may. To transfer your token you must have receiver registered email id with Paazy Club.

  • What are the payment method of contribution?

To pay in bank or local currency reach at Local Payment here. You can contribute by Paypal   (Indian all Debit and credit card accepted)and Banks. Please check the deduction or charges of Wallets. We shall update the exact amount we received after charges. You can send payment to email ( through wallet.

  • How I would get latest updates of Tokens?

You can get updates at our Groups and add friend to Paazy Club. Only registered user can join the groups.