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Online Fundraiser use the force of informal communities and the web to give individuals the resources to raise assets for clinical and social causes. With online pledge drives, you can get gifts from companions, family, partners and even outsiders.

Easily set up and deal with your pledge drive, draw in with contributors and utilize different virtual entertainment choices to advance the pledge drive with our across the board portable application.

Helping NGO to Raise the asset…Unique fund Raising ideas to support your causeHelping NGO, Societies to raise the fund.

Helping NGO, Society to raise the asset for veritable reason. Great goal needs reserve. We are making site for good or development, where pledge drives for non-benefits, NGOs, commendable people, thoughts, and causes. Our clients, public benefactors, fans, or financial backers can make gifts.

So Now you can Raise your fund with our Sell Your Stuff…Already we have activated the system.

*You can also raise the fund by creating your design ( with NGO name) on products. To create your products click here.

*Recommend our services and generate FREE Tokens. And redeem them.

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Create fundraising products for specific goals and set a target amount.

Start collecting donations.

Key Features for contribution toward projects  

  • Minimum and maximum contribution options for fundraising
  • Set target amounts needed to fund projects
  • Display bar showing the amount raised to date
  • Add an amount description tied to your fundraising goal
  • Raise funds tied to the sale of a crowdfunding products
  • Set order status for crowdfunding calculations
  • Add new product campaigns

Start Raising fund

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