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Passive Income with Paazy Business Club

At this pandemic time, it is very difficult to meet both ends. Paazy Business Club is not a MLM company. A Club where every business gets an opportunity to find new clients for existing business.

Every member can boost their sale by promoting their brands. With this we give an opportunity to start their second business. If anybody doesn’t have business, then we have World Biggest Business opportunity to start with us.

Why we say World Biggest Business?

Because we give an opportunity to promote unlimited products, brands and work without boundaries. Mostly MLM or other business has limited products. But here you can promote the business in 150 countries. You can promote products in Education, Shopping, Financial, Travel and digital marketing.

Education : Power to promote 100000 course. Where our members can study certified online courses from their home.

Shopping : Just use the brand name and link of website in your post to recommend.

Travel : Compare the price of World top travel sites and start saving. Book flights and hotels on cheap rates.

Financial : Need a financial assistance in Insurance, Deposit and Loan to recommend. Just start posting. If don’t know please chat with @paazy.

Digital Marketing : Promote local business with Paazy Local Search Engine and help local business. With our powerful system local business will get new clients and repeated customers with our loyalty program.

Chat with us to know the brands or start posting your favorite brands.

Easy to Promote.

Simple and easy to promote. You just need to know the brands website page. And just copy & paste it to message center, activity or in your post(if you are featured advertiser). We have been approved as marketing channel partner of World top brands and companies. Already brands and companies has own client base, so it is easy to promote. It is also possible you may be the user/client of that company. No need to organize a meeting to introduce the companies and products. Just start recommendation with ease.

Starting your passive Income is very easy.

Just promote our referral program and become affiliate for both the sites. And moreover you can select the package and become feature merchant for cashback points. Your referral income of Paazy local Search Engine can be converted into Tokens. Once you have 3000 tokens in your club account. You can start getting share of profit of Worldwide sale. Moreover if you have referred any local business as featured merchant, Business can help you to generate more points on their shopping. Already you have referred income in your account. So it is very simple to start and reach 3000 tokens.

Remember our one Token or Point is equal to 1 INR. All you referral income is converted to INR.

Become Affiliate to promote the pages of Paazy Business Club and Paazy Local Search Engine. And get 10% as referral Income. Click the link below to register and refer it. First Register and access the pages.

For Paazy Business Club Click here.

For Paazy Local Search Engine Click here.

Important Pages

Know : To understand the concept you need to read carefully two pages. Moreover you can also take the help of our Consultant.
Catalogue : A page where you can shop and save directly with us.
Trade Partners : Who has approved us as their marketing channel partner. To shop and save on your daily need products.
Education : The world’s largest selection of courses. Choose from 100,000 online video courses with new additions published every month. Enjoy a variety of fresh topics. Just select, your favorite subject and start studying.
Paazy Travel : One search and compare the top travel sites. Save on your flight and Hotels. You can also, explore our travel trade partners here.
Financial : All your financial need are fulfilled here. Just select the services like Personal Loan, Credit Card, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and travel Insurance. Moreover you can buy Furniture and Jewelry on easy installments. Pay your installment on time and get pre approved credit limit.
Articles : Our updates helps you know, what’s going on?
Activity : Check the latest updates of our trade partner’s and Paazy Business Club.
Local : Let’s help you in SEO. Just Register your business free and create your back link.

If you need any assistance, please start a conversation through Message center with @paazy.

Thank You