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Why your SEO rankings are falling low?

Website Traffic

Once an enviable website but a while ago you find there’s no fizz in the business anymore, as much traffic has trickled down. The problems behind the drop in SEO rankings could be of four type behavioural, intellectual, environmental and technical.


An ineffective organic keyword search is the main reason for nosediving in SEO rankings. Search engines go by the dictum, what shall you sow so shall you reap. The content is simply no longer using the keywords users are typing in the google search engine to look for products and information, as the writer might have been carried away by the environmental factors like Covid-19.


The user buying patterns have changed while you are still hammering the old concepts and ideas. In the times of social distancing, the word of mouth is not going to work. Innovation is the mantra, like introducing an online chat facility to woo the customers.


Inconsistent content with ineffective style or tone because of writer’s block could jeopardize the SEO rankings. Try to strike balance in the tone and the subject matter. The content should be, as the adage goes, simple but no simpler.

Loss of back links could be another reason because of inconsistent Content digression from the niche segment. Communicate with webmasters of good websites.

The content might digress from the niche. For example, if the site is for lady shoes, the content might sell the kiddy shoes believing the women will buy shoes for their kids.


The search algorithms might change and what once was desirable looks offensive. The only solution is to adapt.

With new technology, you must upgrade or lose business. Write good code so there are no technical issues involved.

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