Paazy Club

Satisfaction of life

A person never went to work without telling a day…..
The owner thought that salary should be increased,
And the interest would work…..
and he increased her salary….
Next time he paid more money to him
So he uttered(said) nothing to put money quietly…..
A few months later he again absent….
The boss become angry…..
Thought what was the benefit to increase her salary?
She is not eligible to get increased
Salary, and this time he paid already
Salary granted……
She was quite again..
Then the boss grew up wondering….
He asked him when you were absent I increased your salary but you did not say anything and salary on your non-attendence today.
The lower the tax was still silenced…..!!
What is the reason of this..? She responded…. When I first
Non-spot was so my house was born a baby….!!
You increased my salary so I understood…..
The divine has sent the nutritional part of that child……
And when I re-spot my mother-in-law
had died of… When you made my salary low
So I assumed it was my mother’s part
Took with her….
Why bother me for this salary ?
The task of which is taken by the Divine……!!
A beautiful thinking:
If someone asked what lost and what was found in life,
So of course, to say that something that was lost was my silly and that it was Grace of Lord, beautiful the relationship between me and God, never I ask and nor he pay less… Life is in peace…..