Health and Beauty

Native Cow Milk

Cow’s milk is the best diet on Earth. She has been called the elixir of land. The other is not the best tariloki in the milk of the cow to increase the power and force of man. It is used to create Panchamrut. Cow’s milk is yellow and contains properties like gold. Only cow’s milk contains vitamins A, not in any other animal’s milk.

Cow’s milk is very tasty, sanigadh, soft, lubricating, mellow, soft, Jivanadayak, Rakatavaradhak, Vajikarak, Ayushayakarak, Saravarog and Harnevala.

  • Never will Cancer * 🦀.

The Desi cow has a thick hump on the back! With Surayaketu ☀ pulse that comes in contact with the sun rays, the effect of gold in its milk. Which causes the golden elements to fall into cow’s milk. By drinking homegrown cow’s milk will never be a cancer disease.

  • Native cow’s milk contains many mineral nutrients elements *.

According to the scientists have 8 types of protein in cow’s milk, 6 types of vitamins, 21 types of amino acids, 11 types of charabiyukat acid, 25 types of mineral elements, 16 types of nitrogen compound, 4 types of phosphorus compound, 2 types of sugars, plus main mineral gold Copper, iron, calcium, iodine, florin, silicone etc are also found.

Since all of these elements exist, cow’s milk is an excellent type of chemical (tonic), which increases the juice, blood, meat, fattening, bone, marrow and semen by reaching the body. It is Pitatashamak, Buddhivaradhak and Sattvikta. 1 gram of cow’s milk also colostrol not grow!