Satisfaction of life

A person never went to work without telling a day….. The owner thought that salary should be increased, And the interest would work….. and he increased her salary…. Next time he paid more money to him So he uttered(said) nothing to put money quietly….. A few months later he again absent…. The boss become angry….. Thought what was the benefit to increase her salary? She … Continue reading Satisfaction of life

Native Cow Milk

Cow’s milk is the best diet on Earth. She has been called the elixir of land. The other is not the best tariloki in the milk of the cow to increase the power and force of man. It is used to create Panchamrut. Cow’s milk is yellow and contains properties like gold. Only cow’s milk contains vitamins A, not in any other animal’s milk. Cow’s … Continue reading Native Cow Milk