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Now Paazy Club accept WordPress Global community members to be our part of family. WordPress powers 30% of internet and it is easy to use. All WordPress global community members can login here.

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  • Click here to register .
  • fill the form and submit.
  • Reach registered email to confirm and activate your account from WordPress. It is simple, you shall receive an email from WordPress, just click the link in your email and activate it. Leave the WordPress and reach to Login section of Paazy Club or Paazy Shop. Now you can login two websites Paazy Club and Paazy Shop with one account. Click Paazy Club and Paazy login. You can now save time spent logging in by connecting your WordPress account to Paazy Club.

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Join our Affiliate Sales Force

As you know Paazy Club is for Shop, Save and Earn. Now join our Affiliate Sales force to start earning life time income. Just start recommending our product and services to make your client or customer life time. Whenever somebody shop by your recommendation, you generate the income.

What makes us difference from others?

  • Life time income : Your customer or clients remains yours for life time.
  • Work without Boundaries.
  • FREE to start
  • Unlimited Product and services
  • Freedom of work. You can start part time or full time.
  • Free website to work 24×7 days. You business never close.
  • Two type of income Referral and Profit Share.
  • Earning and retaining more points increase your Profit Share. So your Income Grows every time.
  • Complete back-office to track your sale and income.
  • Withdrawal your points anytime. And our I point is equal to $1 INR.

Click here to Join our Affiliate Sales Force.

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